Says the "Silverfox Lady" Lagarde

who just happens to be the president of the corrupted entity called "International Monetary Fond" - a person who among too many, is riddled by corruption scandals in the Billions of Euro, during french president Sarkosky's time.



She says "Old people live too long and this is a risk for the Global Economy". (E.g. suggests Euthanasia). That those who lived long, had a good life, should consider to end it...

This is coming from the very kind of people, criminal psychopaths who simply can't be taught the human way, and who wants human beings to committ suicide, because it is better for the global economy. But read this more in the sense of "is better for them, the criminal elite's pension plans" to live the good life without restriction - while giving a rats ass, what happens to everyone else.

It is always funny when these suggestions" come from old people within the corrupted Elite. What shadows in reality, is what they are planning. Look at this video - who old people are used to stand in front... to tell us, what to do...


Euthanasia: "I had a good life"
UN Agenda 21 (aka UN Agenda 2030)




All known Mass Murderers

"I assume Christine Lagarde (66) is talking about Henry Kissinger (98), Queen Elizabeth (96), Klaus Schwab (84), Nancy Pelosi (82), Dianne Feinstein (88), Tony Fauci (81), Mitch McConnell (80), Joe Biden (79), and George Bush (75).

All known parasites and mass murders.

But even though their crimes against humanity are well documented, I believe their death by euthanasia is too easy. They should stick around and suffer long agonizing painful death.

It's only fair.



The Utter BS

Remember how so many "discoveries" and "inventions" were (and still are) touted as being for the greater good of humanity to live a longer, more healthy and more prosper life ? Well, that is how you push ideas ... But not for the reasons they are touted. In reality, such as Lagarde's "fine" statement, they are really not interested into humanity living a longer, more prosper life. It is like I often suspected... utter BS. Everything the global Oligarchy has done in the past years in particularly, together with our "oh so worried leaders and politicians" - as been utterly negative and destructive, even fatal for humanity.

And almost nobody among them, listened to established, highly respected scientist, doctors, microbiologist and virologists about the dangers of the experimental genetic injections. And the absolute stupidity of mask, which never in history of humanity have prevented viral particle. EVER !

I still can't understand how the public and official establishment shipped such utter bullshit, by ignoring and forgetting all science regarding the uselessness of mas, by turning around 180 degree, and now considering them to be highly effective against viral infections.

Man, it is incredible bad science. No it ain't even science. It is total propaganda - and the majority of the world, went along with masks. That is increases the dangers of lung illness via fungus and bacteria when wearing masks.... nobody gave a damn shit about it. The more masks the merrier, was the slogan of our time.


Germany has now an inflation of 33%.

(The producers prices have inflated with 33%, Energy prices have gone up 85%) The same country which perhaps was the most stable country in Europe regarding keeping an inflation as low as possible though many decades. (Sweden on the other hand used to be a high inflation country in the 70s and 80s with numerous devaluations of the Swedish Krona currency). In 1993 the Krona plunged by 35% because of that.

Germans used to know, what true Hyperinflation was. The people saw their income diminish into nothingness twice during the past 100 years. And said - never again.

And now the global Oligarchy are using Russia as the excuse to run down the economy with the speed of light. Which is interesting, given that the same Oligarchy has always had the plans to destroying Russia, in order to integrate it into the New World Order, so that they can suck out the wealth. Like they almost had accomplished after the breakdown of the UDSSR during president Jelsin times. Which was a alcoholic president, sponsored by the CIA as a west friendly puppet. This lead into that Russia was brought into ruins economically, and stripped of it's riches with help of west oriented Russian Oligarchs. But it didn't work out in the longer run - as Putin came along. The rest is history, and brought the country back to health - and more then that. The international Oligarchy went back to plan B again, the goal of a war against Russia, no matter the cost.

It is an old plan in it's origins, more than 100 years old.


Parrots - all reading the same script
September 2021

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