This black & white film, based on colloidal color substance,s gets developed in C-41 like any color negative film. But, even here, it was due to the cold process under developed and therefore very thin, in which the shadow details were suffering. I barely pulled it off to get anything decent out of these negatives. But it worked, as you can see.


A lens with an "old touch" type of rendering

I show you these images, in order to illustrate that the Pentax 67 Takumar 105mm f 2.4 lens has a slight touch of "old fashion fingerprint", in it's rendering, which I think I lovely. Kind of strange that I haven't explored both Pentax 67 II together with it's lenses... I sort of trailed off the years later, after 2017 I have barely used it. Yet, it is such a fantastic camera in so many ways (I am a fan of the latest modern version 67 II, not the two older Pentax 6x7 versions)



Yesterday, i started to prepare 105 negatives i had scanned with the Canon EOS R.... and suddenly at the computer, I erased that folder they were in, instead of erasing the card after the transfer. So, all the work... just vanished.

Bums. Bang. Poof.

Now I have to re-scan them all anew *rolling my eyes* It's funny how these stupid things happen. Luckily not often, but they do happen. Let your mind trail off; a single thought - is all what it takes to fly into the wrong direction (having trashed files you didn't want to trash). I have no function on my Mac trash, which would give me back erased files... And Just like that... that was it.

I didn't even get angry. I was just startled over my own stupidity that this could happen... well, and rolled my eyes.

- 88 -