OK, OK...

Not all is bad with the Fujicolor C 200 (Kodak) consumer film. Some motives work pretty well with this film - especially with some post processing even better. And in this case, twice the length of a normal 24x36mm negative, the film looks a snap better... (taken with the Hasselblad XPan camera)

But then I am wondering again... going from 2 € to 7.50 € per roll with 36 images... (Wait a minute: I have recently even seen prices now being around a whopping 12 € for that rather weird film... a price hike of an extreme +500%). For one of the most simple amateur films around, based on a murky old emulsion type (Kodak VR from the 80s) *phew* - not for 12 € it ain't worth it.

For that new price - I feel utterly cheated with the mediocre-average quality that comes out the "Fujicolor" C 200 film. The performance really doesn't stand on pair with the price. No way ! I assume it is similar with other once cheap consumer films, like Kodak 200 - which too is approaching 10€ or perhaps more ? I don't keep track on every film emulsion....

I looked around among today's color negatives films, what the stores offer - and the prices in Germany and Sweden. I almost fell out of the chair... You can easily say that professional film is 15-22 € per (single) roll. Pretty out of alignment price wise, if you ask me. And bullshitters who only wrote recently: "Oh, but the inflation makes film equally cheap like back then".

Seriously, do you guys promote bullshit in bubble wrap, or what ?

Up to +500% in price hikes certainly do not fit into that category of "as cheap as back then". Well like a said, shit wrapped in bubble wrap. Like with so many other areas of life, weird "pink" projections are being done these days... Which barely seem to match the underpinnings of reality.


Corporate greed, to name a few...

There is a lot of corporate greed behind many things lately, and they are neither ashamed nor even hiding it any longer. It's like... well, they don't need to fear it, either. Since most Gov. nowadays are in on it anyway, everyone takes out even bigger margins - without having to fear for any repercussions. That's my personal opinion. And yes, of course, not all companies run bad these days.

But many more are.

The margins are higher than ever before - given that for example analog film production in their true costs (e.g. the total, with everything including package included) runs (my guess) around at the most 1 $ per film. It cost 18 cents back in 2010 according to Kodak Australia.

Well, like in most areas of life, a lot has gone way out of alignment lately.

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