What does analog film cost today in Sweden ?

I thought I would window shop around, to see what film actually costs. I collected the prices from Bruno's Bildverkstad AB in Old Town of Stockholm. Notice however that some companies actually have higher film prices then that - especially the adjusted film prices as of lately. Extreme few offer anything cheaper on the same film brands.


Kodak - already the last company to make color films in 2022 ?

I also noticed that most of the sellers don't have any film in stock from Kodak or Fuji. The latter, e.g. Fuji seem to be on it's way out - and there is a serious rumor within the film community of Analogue photography, and those who have more information than normal - that Fuji already license out film from Kodak, selling it under the Fujifilm brand name. So, in reality, it might be the case that Kodak already is the sole manufacturer of Color film in the World.

Add one single major hiccup in the world - and we may see the demise of color film altogether.


Doesn't bother you, you say ?

I knew you would most likely. But here is the thing... valuable knowledge, the known how of making color films, is extremely complicated and sophisticated. Already today, a lot of knowledge has gone lost about film emulsions which can never be re-created. People who have died of age, and the rapid changes in the industry, have forsaken that old valuable knowledge how to make films. There is more that disappears than just "how to make film". Think of the technical aspects and the chemistry, that is valuable... Think of Art.

If color film altogether disappears, it would be a loss of both knowledge, the know how of even making physical film... sending the roots of photography into oblivion. OK, so we do digital photography.... but that only works as long you got electricity... which seems to become more and more of an issue, no ?

Your digital camera is worth the fuck, and so are the roots, the past of all your digital images - when there is no electricity. Or EMP's go off... like wiping out decades of human history. (makes it easier to rewrite history to fit the interests of a very few, doesn't it) How quaint. And why wouldn't I be surprised...

So, yeah - let's bury our heads into the sand, like we always do, shall we ?

Like spitting over our shoulders and saying "who the fuck cares". The question however is, as a society, how come we have developed such attitudes in daily life in so frikkin many areas of existence... where I wonder, where such attitudes really get us into over a longer course of time.


Sign of our Times

Isn't it perhaps a mix of laziness and the Sign of Our Times - letting us just go - caring less and less over things that really matter (no, i don't mean analog film of course) ? But there is- let's face it - a huge loss of knowledge being replaced with false knowlesge. Just look in mainstream healthcare... what it is buiuldin upon. Or "vaccines", for that matter... where the WHO don't recognize natural immunity anymore - only vaccine induced "immunity" is what counts. What the fuck - so much utter garbage !

Or that mask supposedly help to protect against virual particles. Things that only a few years, where rock solid knowledge in most of medicine; everyone knew that masks never ever help against viral particles. And that natural immnunity is the very best, most stable, mostly lifelong lasting protection.


It all went.... poof, stupid !

Now public, official narrative "scientism" builds upon those new lies. So, what happens then ? Like with all models: You put garbage in - you get even more garbage out in your models, views, "science", and narratives.

Surprize, yeah.

Where we are heading into.... ? With sloppy attitudes of not caring ? We forgot the important what we needed to remember, and we are spending tremendeous time on bullshit, which serves no purpose other than more seperation between people.... creating more bullshit.

Aren't those characteristics a signs of a society which got too much belly fat, too much bs in mind, and lose their heart connections ? While those who don't care for anything you tell them... perhaps develop backwards in a sort of dystopian, animalistic society ? I don't think it is neither a smart survival strategy nor it is particularly wise. It sounds almost like a gradual decline of our society into an abyss like future.


The record inflation we are experiencing in 2022 is multi-factorial: weather, supply chain disruption, corporate greed, after-pandemic demand rebound... But one factor we should not forget is the printing of trillions of dollar by the FED over the past years.




Analog film - the least of all problems ;-)

OK, let's go back to Analog film - the least of all problems *LOL*


Kodak Ektar 100 • (C-41 color negativ film)

Let's start with Kodak's flagship the Ektar 100 film. One single roll of 35mm film with 36 exposures cost 199 SEK, equal to 19-20 €. Quite a hike, wouldn't you say.

In 120-film (medium format film), which gives you dependent on the camera, between 8 to 12, or even 16 exposures, one single roll costs 150 SEK, if you buy it in a 5 pro pack. 165 SEK if you buy it as a single film. Some stores even take more. So, that's 14.5 € up to 16 € for a single roll of 120-film. Wow !

Developing cost are not included.


Kodak Ektachrome E100 • (E-6 color slide film)

Startling 300 SEK, or 29 € for a single roll of 35mm with 36 exposures, developing cost are excluded. I believe that is aboutthe most expensive film. Definitely gone up, way beyond any inflation, whether nominal or inofficial - the price has rosen beyond them all. (I told you so). It 's not just an illusion, explained by inflation. No, the shit did get ar more expensive than it has to be.

And speaking about it. In 2010, Kodak Australia supposedly said, that the manufacturing cost for a roll of film with everything included was 18 cents (!) . Triple the cost.. let's be gentle, and do it 5x in order to reflect today's cost for film: You still see that the companies are making absolutely huge margins on selling any kind of analog film - today due to the extreme price increases they have been putting on top, which as of lately are through the roof.

I mean 29 €... for one roll of slide film. They make it at the same time sound like "that when you accept thehuge price hike, it is to save the film industry".

Come on. Since when have major companies ever been honest to the people... ? Especially now that the cat is out of the bag - it seems there are no more restriction in the piles of lies and half truths. The more the merrier.


Kodak T-MAX 400 • (black & white film)

A whopping 159 SEK (15 €) for a single roll of 36 exposure 35mm black & white film. That is extreme high for a black & white film... which recently was sold under half the price. Inflation anyone ? Not even close to the nominal, nor even the inofficial level of inflation.

So, there you go. They fuck people, at all levels. Analog film is of course just a tiny, little feather in the changes of our times... and most people don't care (which I can understand), as most people deal only with digital photography. So, yeah, I do get that.

But i feel sad over that the knowledge of what once brought forth classic photography is about to get lost. It may not all get lost - that depends on what we will face in the near future of the UN 2030 agenda and it's upcoming goals, which officially are always sugared bs, but in reality are about total control - and stripping off resources to the majority of earth population. Then things will look quite different. And knowledge we thought we could keep alive, likely will have passed into oblivion.

We don't see it; because we never see beyond our own decisions: Because we have not yet understood that we already made the decision, not understanding why we made it...

- 91 -