But it has been done

right in front of our noses, in Episode 10 in the New X-Files during year 2016. It is like a dejavu experience, describing the year of 2021-22 and onwards.



is the act, in which Hollywood (which it loves) to tell humanity bits and pieces of (rather dark agendas) in the planned future in store for humanity. They have done this for many decades - of course often in a more twisted or humorist way, so that we wouldn't identify it, or dismiss it.

4.5 minutes snipped from X-Files 2016


A Virus within a Virus

in the ("smallpox") [read Covid19] vaccine, in order to shutdown the human immune system. As with the artificial genetic experimental Covid-19 injection, which after many studies now have revealed shutting down the human immune system. After 3 shots, your immune system is down at a mere 30% or less... And studies form Sweden. e.g. from Uppsala north of Stockholm have shown that the artificial mRNA code does get incooporated into the human DNA genome...

So, the unthinkeable.... (human experimentation) has become thinkable - and not only that - we performed it into billions of people around the globe. They have have delivered more than 12 Billion genetic injections globally... phantom the consequences of that, which you thought was for "health & protection".

What if it wasn't for health ? What if the walls starts to crack... after all ?

What do you do, if you realize that it all has been a lie after all ? Do you even know how to protect your heart from turning into ice in the revelation, and without putting your head into the sand - how to survive and stay a true human being despite whatever circumstance may arise, no matter how dark or chaotic it comes about ?

Herein lies the secret key.

But few have done that homework and mentally prepared themselves - and instead deeply invested into fear and demonizing the "unvaccinated" (thinking that would give relief and a sort of great sense of safety & security), while playing Nazi helper, reporting people to authorities who do not wear a mask, and telling people that the unvaccinated have no rights in society (!) and should be ashmed, be locked into camps, and other BS.


Everything, we said we wouldn't engage into...

Everything we thought, said and meant, wouldn't ever engage into like it happened 80 years ago... All that, we did engage into... like in a frenzy.

E.g. in Germany 2020-22


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