In the finals...

I tend to reproduce my color negatives in the looks reminding much more of color slide film images. (leaning towards Cibachrome and Fujicolor de Luxe) Perhaps this has to do that in the analogue darkroom, I often used very brilliant, at times special color papers, which gave clearer, more vivid color scales. Also by working manually in the color lab, resulted into colors that were not influenced by any automatic machine handling (such as your vacation images you got from the 1 hour lab). Perhaps Kodacolor GOLD was a (fresh) exception, resulting into more vivid colors, though.

The typical modern 2020 era retro color negatives I see on the Internet, are often subdued in their color scale, reminding me more of typical (consumer) color negative film.


Wedding photographer films with a soft scale of colors

If I wanted that kind of soft color scale in the past, I used films especially made for it, such as the old Agfacolor XPS 160 pro, or similar (those always were put at ISO 160). Such color films were made for wedding and portrait photographers, which needed soft, true color scales for skin tones - not vivid !

OK, I decreased the colors a notch on the above 6 photos, as they seemed a bit over the top after all. Sometimes it takes a while for me, to balance things in post processing. Until my eye can "gauge" in tones, colors and contrast. Sometimes I need to see it "published" in order to realize that something is still off, or the colors too colorful. Or if the colors are still a tiny bit wrong (color casts etc)


Selfies and snapshots á lá 30 years ago

Those type of images back then, are equivalent to the type of images we now do with iPhones and other mobile phones. So called selfies. Only back then i used snapshot cameras like Konica Hexar AF, Or Konica Big Mini with analog film. Not much difference, really. Especially now that I can make wonderful digital copies from old color negatives which don't look like crap anymore !

It's almost strange to see... that the above images are... 30 years old ! Olof in fact looks pretty much the same now 30 years older. I've seen a few images of him - and of course he has aged - but he looks very much like Olof, and I notice that he looks like a real man now, not just "pretty boy".

This face features are all the same; you know, so typical... what makes Olof.. simply Olof :-) Interesting. And he must be 60 by now, if not 62 perhaps. Quite astonishing how he still looks great ! But i have noticed that with other guys too. Perry also looks stunning (and very much Perry even today) even at... what is he now... 51.

- 96 -