Thunderstorm mounting prices on analog film

The prices have spiraled out of most proportions, when it comes to prices on analog film, no matter if black & white or in particularly color film (both color negative as well slide film). it also seems to me that most films from the major brands are uniting film prices as well making less and less difference between black & white or color.

Orwo just introduced a limited edition of a weird looking color film, the first in many decades, called !WOLFEN NC500 - which is a color negative film with an ISO of 500 - with pastel like colors - which to be really honest - are wonderful looking, if you want that vintage kind of look. It does actually have a unique look.

Orwo NC 500 film, year 2022


The grain from Orwo NC 500

is through the roof - reminding me of an ISO 1600+ film emulsion. It can however be tamed though Topaz DeNoise AI.

Price ? Well a whopping 16 $ or 14.50 € for a 35mm roll with 36 exposures. That's quite hefty. It might be easy to dismiss that film because it looks so inferior compared to the few modern emulsions still in existence - but at the same time, the color scale is really pretty unique - in a good way. I mean, it actually does look like a real vintage film with pastel colors - made fresh (instead of out of date color negative film for equally expensive prices on eBay). Old color films are extremely unreliable to deal with. I have no good experience from that at all. So yeah, I prefer Orwo, if i would like to go serious "vintage".


Modern films: 20-25 €

The modern film rolls are very expensive now. I might just have ordered my last rolls of color negative film the other day, when I bought 10 rolls of EKTAR 100 film (120-rolls), for 1250 SEK, or 12 € per roll (8-12 exposures)

Yet, in today's situation is actually a good price, because the new prices on the Kodak Ektar 100 (120) at all other stores is 180 SEK, or 17.50 Euro per roll. That is truly extreme !

I mean... a single roll of film!

The 35mm 36 exp. Ektar 100 is even more expensive with around 25 €. Then you have to add the cost of developing the film, too. Also; most stores don't have Kodak films in stock... Why ?


Collapsing societies in the West

Because of the self inflicted political self destruction our western "leaders" (read: criminals) are wrecking onto the collective societies in the West... It starts to get downhill, and the supply chains are starting to collapse. Plus you have a strange amount of sabotage being "suddenly" popping up (mostly in the food supply chain) across the US. Very strange "coincidences", where many factories all of the sudden go up in flames, trains with fertilizer mysteriously derail, and all that kind of stuff... Very interesting.

But yeah sure, it is "all Putin's fault".

Who believes that BS ? (I am sure the majority of people in the West, do) Since they blame everything on one man, you must wonder, how that can honestly be true. Just because our criminal media is telling us so? Well, since when has the media in the past few years ever been honest about anything ? Corona injections made the majority of media deeply involved for Crimes against Humanity.

That - will not be forgotten, bitches !


Soon, 30 € for a single roll of film

It will not be very long until a roll of film costs more like 30 € from the major brands like Fuji and Kodak, and another few years until even Ilford joins. The niche brands likely, too (like Cinestill etc)

In a couple of years, we are there.

Hungarian Foma isn't as aggressive, and you can still buy black & white films for good prices. Their films have more grain, based on relatively "older" emulsion types, but are said to be pretty good. I have a few Foma films, but haven't tested them yet. I've always refrained from that coarser grain, and preferred Kodak or Ilford. But since Kodak had this "backpaper issue" (creating so called "mottling") which destroys fresh film in a very short time (120 films), I set my eyes on Ilford instead - though I haven't bought any films as of lately, except for the 10 rolls of Kodak Ektar 100.

I just hope it isn't affected by the backpaper "mottling" issue *rolling my eyes*

- 99 -