The Rapid Breaking Ice • Dec 1993

I have always wanted to show the whole series of images I took near the old town of Stockholm (Gamla Stan) during a walk in mid December 1993. As I stood there, the water surface was covered with ice and a thin layer of snow. Suddenly, small areas of dark appeared - and seconds later cracks which seem to connected each other.

More and more surfaces, and after only 2 minutes, the entire ice surface was littered with a cracking pattern. It was so quickly - that you can see in the last photo, that almost all white disappeared, and you can see the rapid movement in the long time exposure (lower row of images).

One of the photos (upper most to the right) got published in a Swedish Magazine shortly after (in 1994) after I worked with it in the darkroom, printing it on color paper, sending it in.

I was very proud over this series, because I felt so startled at these rapid changes in the pattern,which increasingly became beautiful /before it quickly disappeared). And right in that very moment - I was there, you know. Nobody was watching. Frankly; I have never seen this phenomena before, nor ever after. Albeit I am not really often there the middle of the night during winter, watching the ice surface... So, I don't know if this is a common phenomena, or not. It just felt so surprising - and amazing - to see that cracks spread so fast... (and the ice begin to move). The surface went from all white - to all dark within approx. 4 minutes.


Like a gift

When I took images, and reflected afterwards, it felt like getting handed a gift. IF you keep your mind and senses open. (Something I seem to have de-learned in later decades - but always had this very moment as a reference). That when you go out, into the known unknown, even during times when you think there are not interesting motives - but you do it - and keep a positive attitude, like a newborn - you might get gifts. Such you can see and sense, only when the soul is open... Then more often than not, the unexpected can happen. I don't mean to focus on "getting something". It is more the state of mind, to welcome the thought that the unexpected can be observed, if you keep your mind clean without expectations... That kind of style.

Right when I was there - so it felt so special. To be able to witness something like that - because it really was awesome once i realized the changes in the pattern, and how beautiful it all looked during less than a minute. Before the ice surface was different (all white). Afterwards it was all different (all dark).

The exciting pattern itself really only lasted a very short time...


Scanning quality á lá year 2022

Another thing that is fun - is that I now for the first time, can show this image series in wonderful colors, without exaggerated, protruding noise (which used to be so common when you scan color negatives).

It's been nearly 29 years ago...

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