I believe more and more, that people are getting "fucked" with the consumer color negative film, under the brand name "Fujicolor C200". It is said to be a (dull) Kodacolor VR film type from, - the kind before Kodacolor Gold 100 came along - so we are talking about mid 80s. Plus that it has risen from 2€ to 12€ (24x36mm, 36 exposures).

It is just such a shitty film, if you ask me.

I just tried out something with the macrolens on my Canon EOS R, which serves me as a stationary duplicating camera for color and black & white negatives. And i happened to enlarge a couple Fuji C200 negatives... I could immediately tell, that it was that shitty film. Blotchy, way over the top noisy, muted colors - weird highlights (sky, overexposed areas, etc). Unless of course you add more saturation in post processing the colors can be fixed quite a bit towards the better.

But still - there is just something very off with that stupid film... I guess what it really is about, is that it is a shitty Kodak version of a film, with colors from the early 80s. And after the 500% price hike on that fake film, it really takes the cake inb terms of lying to people.


Frikkin 12 € for one of the worst color films ?!

- which is pretty much the same price, we paid only a year ago for a professional, top notch color film, á lá Ektar 100 for example.

The Fuji C200 is so bad, I have no words. Luckily, I only have 2 rolls left. Now I used them in my Hasselblad XPan camera. Once the shit has rolled though, I am done with "Fuji" C200 color film.

UH ! I cannot even remember ever having used such an utter bad film... Could perhaps something gone wring in my C-31developing process. Yeah, why not. There is always a change that something was off. but in general, I can't really say that I ever got good images out of the C-200 film. Mediocre, boring, so-so at best, no matter when I developed it.

I stand firm - it is an utter BS color negative film for an even more utter BS price of 12 €. I hope Fuji chokes at their BS deal with Kodak and the overall prices they now put out. The only films that may be on the same low level, could be way outdated film, or perhaps one of those funky "creative" films they crank out, such as Lomo and god knows all those names; reconfigured Kodak Vision (Cinema) films aimed for the EPN-2 process with a special coating - which if you don't take it away, will fuck up your chemicals. Some providers offer these films without the coating, selling it for 15 € or more a film.

None comes of the idea to invest into some real good films; low ISO, super fine grain and some action in the colors. But no, they still go on and on with those stupid Cinema films for the "enthusiasts". Did we fuck up, when we started with "Aaah" "oooh" and "wow" (retro) films, thinking they were new and kind of awesome - but in reality are just rebadged Cinema films for expensive money - fucking up the after market for anyone still interesting intraditional based color negative photography ?


We people are pretty good at fucking up for one another

Together with our ego's and the desire to have everything. So, one starts a trend, millions are rushing after - and prices go into the sky. Then everyone is more or less fucked, as the prices are establishing themselves at levels which make no sense. Mission accomplished.

Yeah, I did it too earlier. I see my own stupidity when I look back. So, I was no exception, unfortunately. I would be lying if I said I realized this earlier (early 2010s). I did not. What was written on the Internet, in photography, often made me learn to react fast, and feel like "wow", and "awesome", and I would have loved to do it all. Buy it all. Every little fart (my wallet gave me restriction, so I didn't jump on everything). But my mind was there into it... *hurrk*

Or perhaps, it is just a modern digital era 'human' phenomena, running after things, faster than ever before. Kind of like Social media fast - that sort of style. Running after the latest "vaccines", running after the latest mindfucked (but often also exciting and clever) Netflix series, well, running after the latest of this and that. (Are we really so utterly bored in life ?!)

Like mindless zombies - albeit we don't even realize nor see it (most of the time). We still consider to be intellectual, front minded, and sophisticated thinking.... while when you do observe your surrounding... we are more like mobile phone zombies... barely taking notice of our surrounding or other people.

How does that go together ?

I don't know. I guess the ego isn't exactly the sharpest knife... and manages to unite paradoxes without eliminating them. We feel smart, and yet act like stupid zombies. And don't even see it.

Wow. Stupid like fake "Fuji" C200 film. Glossy on the outside, BS in the inside.

I hope we wake up to something that is wiser, more mature, and more (real, honestly) empathetic.

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