Sicilian Lockdown • 24 May 2020

Sal wrote:

How to convert even a difficult time for everyone into a positive one.


The Recipe

4 minutes with a beautiful upbeat song
34 beautiful joyful women
1 very good video maker and dancer
1 instructor who loves to see his FRIENDS smile
Mix well until everything is blended into a smooth, well-blended mixture.
1 pinch of healthy madness

And sprinkle with plenty of love

Bake for 3 months

And here's the result


Sal had already made a project earlier

with his students right in the beginning of the lockdown, about a famous / viral love song made with sign language. Every of his students learned it by heart, and danced to while recording themselves individually at their homes (like in the video above). His video buddy Fabrizio did an amazing job with cutting all the videos together into a video clip while aligning all the movements of each dancer.

It was then picked up in the Italian news !

The dancers are Sal's students and pretty much our extended family, as most of them are also our friends. Beautiful souls, beautiful women !!! I met almost all of them ... and I can tell you, it is an unforgettable experience. Really the Sicilian way - but the students are much closer bound to one another... well like an extended family. To experience that myself, was overwhelming. And i absolutely LOVED to make many photos of them during my many (31x) visits to Sicily 2015-2020. It's so totally the opposite of anything I have ever experience in my life... Many times my heart has flown into the sky... all the welcoming... all the laughter. All the HUGS. And all the KISSES !!!!! Mama mia, so beautiful !

I just love it. Really, truly, endlessly. It also makes me feel very humble.


Sal's approach to the nefarious Plandemic

is very different compared to my attitude. He doesn't waste energy into too much negative energies (indirectly that would support the nefarious underpinnings behind the Plandemic) - and instead used light energies which he full heartily supports, and on top it creates things that are built upon something which enables people towards the light side.

I don't know how to put it into words... Sal is very well aware of the dark forces behind the "Plandemic", the experimental genetic injections and everything the deep troublesome powers who push the Covid agenda. But he doesn't align himself with the negative energy. Which sometimes makes me wonder, if his spirit is way older, way wiser, and whether he knows it or not, seem to indulge into things, like i put it into these words:

"The universe works with him, because he is working with the universe"

My road is very different - I went in full speed, from the very first day of the lockdowns in Europe, which occurred in Italy at first, before almost entire Europe went along, too. I settled with trying to understand the underpinnings as much as I possibly could, including the science behind it. I aligned myself towards the leading doctors in the world - which often got directly "decapitated" in the media, if they went against the narrative. That alone is very strange, when you consider big names like Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, or Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, are really top notch experts in their fields. but this medial decapitation went on with hundreds of top scientist around the world - and always the same way; as soon they voiced even the slightest criticism - they became persona non grata.

And that is something everyone needs to understand, is very suspect. You do not do that in science and medicine. If you do - then something wants to be hidden. I always found it strange when famous, really good experts after 40 years of flawless reputation, all of the sudden get "canceled" at the slightest criticism. How do you think science developed ? ABSOLUTELY NOT THOUGH CONSENSUS - but because of disagreements and discussions.

But discussion where suddenly "forbidden" as soon the Plandemic rolled on in March 2020 in Europe. Creating the biggest crimes in Humanity since the Second World War 1939-45 and the false flag introduced Vietnam War.

I guess my personality structure is a bit different. It is also much tougher compared to Sal in that regard, and I realize that I am the closest to my Grandmother Elfriede in character. And she was one hell of a tough bitch (but more disciplined than I was). But her heart was deeply connected to the whereabouts and changes in the world - and many times it felt as if she was carrying the world on her shoulders. It's just back then when I was 18-22, I didn't fully understand. I felt sometimes she was a bit too dark, too negative. But I misread her in that regard. It wasn't because she was negative or "dark" - it was because she truly cared so much. At the same time she had a rather rough way of expressing her criticism and the nefarious changes that underpinned society back in the 60s and 70s... The degradation through strange politics and such. And how the food industry came along with industrial BS food, while people got more and more used to it (especially in the cities). Grandmother Elfriede just thought it was utter crap what the industry was producing.

She was right. More than right ! Just look at the food industry today - and the stuff they put in. While on the outside the packages becomes more and more "bio" and "healthy" and "eco", like a cheap actor trying to get away with extra make-up on the outside. The more the merrier, kind of style.

And we often fall for it.

Anyway, I am trailing off a bit. I just wanted to show that really awesome video clip, and the inherent positive energy that was and i attached to it, even in difficult times. The Lockdown in Italy was very long, and insane. I often asked myself the question, how did poor people get through it in Italy ? How did they get food ? The Gov didn't really pay out much... while the lockdowns where like endless long

How do you survive that nefarious shit, stripping all freedoms, locking you into your homes - but how do you pay the bills without a job. And how do you bring food on the table, in cases a family has barely or no friends or other family members ?

What about them ?

Do we even see those people ? How did they get though all the harsh lockdown in Italy ?

I just have no answer...


Funny detail in the Video

In the end of the video, Sal goes though the door leaving the room - but in reality that door leads into a tiny closet, leading nowhere * LOL*

- 108 -