I told you, Jonas was a handsome man ! Kind of this tall, on the verge of classic gentleman looking type of guy.

All these images came out of the blue, without any concept really. Often a combination between Jonas input and whatever came into my mind - and then it would just develop along the road. But I was in the infancy of "studio portraits" !! Without any knowledge how to do things... so we went along, like I said, whatever came into our minds...

It was in a way, a very creative time. And since i was able to have the entire apartment for myself during the winter months, there was space left for some "studio-like" portrait experiments. The background was made of a single roll of packing paper (I still had no broad background, and just took what seems to be the second "best" choice...). A little slim, but hey. I was in a student age.

And filled to the brim with debts to the bank, and only 100-120 € left after salary every months. (Due to photography, in which i bought a lot of studio stuff back in 1988, made huge amounts of debts. The studio stuff I wasn't able really to use back in 1988 - because I rented a tiny 9 square meter room in an apartment in Stockholm-Solna, at a not really so nice lady; Mrs Diamant. A false snake.

I can't think of any better name.


Second winter with first signs of a "photo studio"

So, Winter 1990 was in fact the second winter, where I could start to experiment - and Jonas was the kind of guy who always would join in with all ideas - which made it a truly exciting time - despite also being a time with a lot of very dark clouds accumulating in our lives (Nov 1990)


My first real apartment...

- a real place of my own took finally place in February 1992. A very long road of not really knowing where I belonged in life... since the arrival in Stockholm April 1984, it took 8 years to get there... It felt endless.

That place was located at the very loud, broad Nynäsvägen Highway 300, in Enskede-Stockholm - pretty close to the city (compared with living in Fisksätra during 1989-91, which was 11 km outside of the city - albeit very close to my work in Saltsjöbaden-Neglinge where our train head quarters were located.)


Jonas portrait (on-the-fly)

I took it somewhere along the water between T-Centralen and Cityhall. I believe with a simple 135 mm lens (on a Canon T90) plus a converter - giving me a tele lens effect. I didn't even have a longer lens than 135mm really. But that combination = 270 mm gave me almost no real sharpness to speak of *LOL*

But it is still a handsome portrait of Jonas ! In the first portrait there is an ever so slight "resemblance" reminding me of the actor who played Wolverine in X-Men.


1 May 1990 • Comet Hunting ?

I had never seen a comet, and we were wondering if it was possible to see one over Stockholm,. I can't recall the name of the comet that was supposed to emerge over Europe during the end of April 1990. So, as we walked at night towards the little Fisksätra Island, suddenly I did see something, resembling a long streak in the sky - and thought - wow - something IS indeed going on...

I simply didn't know how a comet looks in REAL life... So, I had no concept of it, really. I mean pictures is one thing, but how does that actually look like to the naked eye ?!


The image of Jonas was difficult to take.

Since the Leica M6 didn't have any multi exposure function, i had to "divide" the exposure; the first part I set the sharpness on Jonas, and exposed him with a tiny, handheld flash manually - and then during the exposure, I shifted the focus back to infinity on the Summicron-M 35/2 "IV" lens, in order to get the stars and Northern Lights display exposed... So it turned out in to a mix of close and far away, which created the "double" blur in the stars and lights


Northern Lights instead

It turned out to be Northern Lights surfacing along the north Horizon instead. Which was now my second time in life I had ever seen such. So, of course that was mega exciting !!! Even if there was no comet on display, I was really not disappointed. Unfortunately I had no good film for the beautiful green and red Auroras on display. Only black & white film, and a grainy color slide film in the much bigger Mamiya RZ67 camera. Something turned up on the slides, but I would have to find the slides first...

Notice Jonas beautiful, handsome and masculine beard. Today, I find that incredible handsome... Back then, not so much really (I mean as an "object of desire", I was simply not into bearded men).

Strange how taste can change so much...

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