I have mentioned this photo session before, when there was this special energy flowing between Per-Olof and Bo. There was something between them. Like sparks of erotism under the surface of being just photo buddies for the moment.

Well, I got to know the secret later, like 20 years later when Per-Olof one day told me... that there were indeed very strong, sexual, erotic sparks resulting into a sweaty night *grin*

The photo session was done, because there was photo contest called "Power", and i had some ideas about it, and wanted to experiment. One of those were to combine Per-Olof, whi has a vibrating strength, combined with Bo, who is very handsome. But I didn't know exactly what that would turn out into - yet a fun photo session it was. It felt like they were going by their own energy, you know...

Another photo i made for that photo contest (which I didn't win nor evengot accepted to) was this one with Per-Olof.


"Power" aka ("Kraft")

It was a mix of real photography (Per-Olof printed on photo paper, and then cut out carefully) + several painted masks transformed to lith film, and then copied into the photopaper altogether in a couple of steps (exposures / imprints). This was a time time, way before Photoshop became somewhat mainstream, you know.

When I made the image below, I was over my head into the world of X-Men back then, thinking of Cyclop's brother Havok, shooting his beams.


Havok from X-Men

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