On a totally different note - the other week I had ordered adapters, which allows me to adapt Canon EF lenses on Canon EOS R cameras (RF mount). I ordered 5x of those Vbestlife adapters...

The price was 9 €, normally 70 €.

Canon sells their adapters at a price of 125 € ! (the simpliest version)


Careful, though !

Usually the saying is, that if the bargain is too good to be true - which it in 99% of the cases is true (which means something is off, wrong or a scam). Regarding the Vbestlife vadapters, I thinking was, that since it went though amazon,and if something is off or wrong - I can send them back, and get my money back. So, here I took a balanced decision.



I tested the adapters

So far, so good - they work excellent. And their looks are better than in the phots. Not as slick like the Canon version, but more like Meike and Commlite.

Supposedly the Vbestlife adapter is based on the Commlite brand*, which are good, nothing to complain about. In principle these adapters are simple; they transfer the electronical information from the Canon EF lenses to the RF mount based camera, such as Canon EOS R, Canon EOS R6, and Canon EOS R5, R7 and R10. IS and autofocus and everything else, works.

*) I just noticed that these "Vbestlife" adapters do have the Commlite brand printed on the outside - so they are indeed real Commlite EF-RF adapters. Interesting...


The hassle with mounting adapters on/off

The reason I ordered these adapters was, that I constantly needed to hassle back and forth with adapters when switching lenses. It even has happened one time, that I forgot the adapter, and therefore couldn't switch lens *LOL*

So, now 5x of my Canon EOS EF lenses have this adapter installed by default - acting like RF lenses so to speak.

Additionally I have an original Canon EF-RF adapter from the very beginning I bought the Canon ESO R6 camera, and later I had added a Meike adapter - but that one is permanently adapted to my "Repro camera" in the bedroom, where I daily make digital copies from my analog film negatives together with an adapted Sigma ART 70mm f 2.8 ART macro lens.

All 7 adapters - regardless brand - have worked flawlessly this far.

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