I could write huge amounts of references to articles which show the truly horrific consequences of the Covid-19 injection do on people around the world. But I also feel hesitant and sometimes incredible tired of everything...


Consequences are pulling in closer...

It even includes tales from my husband Sal in which he encountered just yesterday a sad story about damages from the Covid-19 injections.... of a young man in pain... incredibly saddening, when you see/experience how young people, get their lives destroyed... Illnesses are rising in ways nobody ever wished to experience pulling closer and closer, as more people get affected. It has become increasingly visible to the public - albeit still not to the degree that people would start awakening at large. But the consequences of this mass hypnosis, lead to that billions of people ran into the injections - and it has altered the code of life (DNA)...

I said it from the beginning - you do NOT tinker with the code of life. There isn't excuse, no nothing, absolutely no circumstances to believe that that would be something - like in Hollywood films - we can do in life, without dire consequences. It just doesn't work. And it never was intended to work the way it always is promised.


The injections are lethal and toxic.

The artificial "mRNA" code inside the (forbidden) lipid nano-particles creates an ARTIFICAL spike protein, which does NOT EXIST in nature that way. (also, the artifical spike protein is 1000x stronger than the natural spike protein created by Corona viruses.... let that sink in for a moment !!)

It is an altered, artificial code - creating the very toxic pathogen in your body bia your cells, which your immune system tries to disable and destroy (creating cell death, inflammations, blood vessle destruction, brain cell death, cancers etc). Altering the code of how your cells work via artificial mRNA, means that your cells are producing the VERY PATHOGEN which the body will try at all costs to eliminate

And... there is no off-switch !

Which means, the cells that produce the artificial spike protein will get killed ! Those that survive, may continue to produce toxic spike proteins. Those who INTEGRATE the artifical mRNA code into YOUR DNA - will duplicate and multiply, doing the same; producing toxic spike proteins. Now, since this also affects the brain, it means, even brain cells with integrated artifical mRNA into DNA, will produce the pathogen...

What happens is a gradual decline of the brain functions...

So, blood vessels get destroyed, up to one meter long blood fibrous clots have been found in diseased people.... It doesn't take a one meter long blod clot to make peope die form one moment to the next. They now call it by a name; an ironic designation called "SADS", or Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, blamed on climate change, hot weather, and even more bizarre reasons I don't even want to name, it is that ridicilous.

Only one thing is never mentioned; the Covid-19 injections.


They have told us, all along, many times, from the beginning...

Famous, well known scientists, doctors and microbiologists as well virologist around the world, have from the start warned, by Covid Vaccines never can, never did, and never will work - plus the dangers that are attached to such manipulation - has already shown in the past 20 years of research, that it leads to illness and death - and therefore where NOT ALLOWED to be released onto the public, because most test animals died over, and over again.

But we didn't want to listen.

And now people are increasingly dying, often suddenly, in young ages - without the people around neither realize the connection, nor does any mainstream doctors acknowledge the connection of vaccine damages.


Crimes on a Global Scale - is a literally a World War

Because doctors have sworn an oath to protect life - not to take life or to ignore damages as well denying the culprit behind. It is a crime when it really boils down. Especially those who still recommend people to get injected with Covid-19 injections, for a disease especially the unvaccinated has the best protection against, while those after 3 injections have only left an immune system of 30% or less.

It will be one day prosecuted as a Crime to Murder ! That includes not just doctors, but the entire pharmaceutical industry, the authorities and especially he governments - plus people like beloved actors etc - who advertised constantly that we need to get injected to "protect life and our beloved ones".

This will be dire consequences the time, when people finally start to awaken, that a horrible global crimes has been committed against Humanity itself. That is, a world War. A different kind of Global war which already started in secrecy years before the official outbreak of the "Covid Plandemic"

Example of a "Hero" aka Mass Murderer


And every country has their "Fauci"

In Germany you got the nowadays Social Health Minister, a failed and wrongfully titled virologist. Ask is ex wife, who he really is, and that he is a semi-autistic (?) sociopath. He now leads the Country of Germany, as a Health minister and already in advance (3 month before) preparing the people to wear masks again, and making anew rules to divide the "vaccinated" as his favorite, from the people who have natural immunity (longlasting, stable protection), also known as "unvaccinated", who once again get their natural freedoms stripped by fall 2022.

It's like going to the doctor, a half year in advance for an illness you gonna have, or believe to have in a half year. It' scientism - not science. It is a crime. It is a lie. It is a scam.

And then you have Dr Corona, A Professor and Doctor Drosten, which cheated about his Professor titles, and cheated about his doctor title. But is the darling of the private WHO, and the creator of that specific fraudulent RT-PCR Covid test, which is the foundation, the core how the World Plandemic was able to be shipped to the world. Without that very test - there would be no Pandemic - because you can't get the numbers for support a Pandemic nor for the experimental, genetic as well toxic injections.

Yes. We are still in a TRIAL PHASE.

The PFIZER PAPERS show how devastating the injection truly are in the past 9 pages of their document filled to the brim with devastating illnesses (including death)

It's not a joke anymore, you know. Which part of the Scamdemic havn't you understood yet in June 2022 ?! And how long does it take to get those tomatoes off your eyes ?

- 119 -