It starts with a little project to clean up something, or to change something... and ends up into a major, big project which takes 1.5 days to row into the harbor. *LOL*

Well, the living room has surprisingly turned into... a Photo Studio. Albeit a lovely, warm looking photo studio. It will not take much now, to roll down the background paper, and to access the cameras - because everything in the living room has more or less become "my room" now, with the equipment much easier to access. Earlier, I had though the past years, in my goal trying to give Sal more room - but had the consequence of that my own photo stuff, was everywhere hidden, in little or big boxes... with the consequence that it felt more and more tedious to do something like a photo project.

It was no goal to create a Photo Studio again. It surprised me to be honest. The stepping stone was that I had bought 3 closet sections, which Sal mounted together... and then we thought, OK, we put camera and lenses in there. But it ended up into becoming a very airy, warm looking photo studio.

You could say, that the living room is now my Work and Photo Studio room.


A New Living Room

The other room, in which Sal used to hold his virtual life fitness exercises, has transformed into a very cozy, warm looking living room. (next page).



It should be noted, that the images were made with a very wide lens, the Canon Tilt-Shift TS-E
17mm ƒ 4 L lens, which has a tendency to distort proportions somewhat. The room is actually bigger than what it looks like. And it looks better than in photos. Especially in the evening, when all the light go on (LED candles) - it looks absolutely amazing !

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