After we had three days above 30°C, reaching the the city core up to 32°C - the weather has gotten cooler after two early mornings with thunderstorm. The latter, was actually fun with really big bolts crossing half of the sky (while I was at work, I could see a few). After that, things cleared up - and today we have this super clear air - making the sun shine strongly already just a few degree above the horizon.


Making the sun larger than it is...

One way to make a sun appear larger than it really is, is to focus on something that lies closer to you. Like branches of a tree. The images was taken at 600 mm - but the sun appears actually more like what you would get with a 900 or 1000 mm lens.


Excellent Sigma ART lens 60-600 mm

And I can only confirm that the Sigma 60-600 mm f 4.5-6.3 ART lens really performs very well. It is not very often I use it - but when I do - it delivers good quality ! Kind of fascinating if you consider that the range of this lens starts at already 60 mm, not much more than a normal focal legnth lens has (aka 50 mm) ... yet you can go all the way up to super telephoto of 600 mm.

Fascinating, indeed.


Works with 1.4x extender, too

I tested the lens together with the older EF 1.4x II extender, and it worked. The AF was a bit slower, but it worked (and is enough for the simple things I do). This results into a 840 mm lens. Same like with the Olympus 300/4 IS PRO, also turning effectively into a 840 mm lens when an Olympus 1.4 extender is used.

It's really very cool, to be able to go that far, with both systems; the Olympus OM-1 as well the Canon EOS R6.

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