I haven't opened the kitchen window for ages - or at least a year or more. Simply because there are always lots of things in the way; flowers / plants, lamps, candles and such. The only way for me to have a free view of the Globe Arena 7 km away, is the kitchen window. If I go onto the balcony, I'll get birch trees in front of the Globe...

So, i took the advantage today to make a photo with the BIG Sigma zoom lens, which goes all the way to 600 mm - and I can only say - bravo ! Sharp. And if you give a notch of Topaz Sharpen AI, it turns into the quality of a "L" super lens. What is there not to like. I mean, from my amateur standpoint - since I really don't use that focal length very often. I have not even taken that 3 kilo beast out of the house.... yet. *LOL*


The Evening Scenery

Here below you see the scenery seen though 60 mm focal length, which is almost like a normal lens. You can see clusters of showers, with very little lightning in it, starting to fall apart in the evening. The day really started with incredible fresh clear air, barely any clouds - but chillier than before. And then the showers started to appear everywhere - culminating towards evening into numerous showers with almost overcast skies.


Deceiving Weather Psychology

Now - I know that the hijacked psychology regarding "Climate Change", indoctrinates people into a fever pitch - because when you look at WEATHER CHARTS today (how they are illustrated) - and compare them with 10, 20 or 30 years ago... Notice how they use extreme red colors today - even for normal or moderate temperatures. It gives psychologically an impression of impending super heat, when everything is painted in red and brown colors.

It really is deceiving ! The sneaky, psychological way, I mean.



Great Britain

Looks like some frikkin atomic war

on the German Weather report screen from 2020... Geezaz. It is kind of a subversion in the digital age (because you can do it in all ways; projecting something that is not).

It reminds me of the ongoing hyper inflation in dick sizes which you can observe on the Internet 2022, as astonishing many are now fakes. (A worrisome high amount i would say)


Another Example in Sweden

Here you see, how in the first chart, the temperatures are colored. And I ask you - why are 15°C in Stockholm having yellow-orange colors ?!? 15°C is a very low temperature for a July afternoon - because the normal average Max is 23°C. It means the temperature on 15 July 2022, are a whopping 8°C below normal !

In the second chart i made a change in how the colors are represented, trying to shit the colors into how it should look like; indicating that we in fact have almost everywhere in sweden, have too cold weather today (15 July).

And that is what I mean with deceiving Weather Psychology.


So, I ask - why this psychological BS ?

Why are the representations in colors for temperatures been shifted when you look into news, TV, and newspapers ? Why are 15°C represented as if it is "warm" - when in fact, 15°C in Sweden ain't nearly warm for this time of the year ?



Get a life, and get real

most people simply don't have THAT huge dicks... It is a fact of life. And silicon injected monster dicks...(grotesque looking) ... is that something people get turned on about ? I don't think so, really. It tells me a story, that those people need a shrink, not a bigger silicon dick. And... why are so many people going out of alignment, into extremes ? Or is that rather propaganda, in order to stimulate other people to subvert to lower standards being "the thing" ? I honestly don't know.

Anyway. Let's get back to the weather in Stockholm. And here, 20°C are nothing to write home about, nor does it have anything to do with red colors in illustrations. It's stupid.


20°C in Stockholm - is below normal Max !

In Stockholm around this time of the year in July, a MAX temperature around 20°C is in fact BELOW normal average. But charts we have, show them as orange. The normal MAX this time of the year is 23°C ! Earlier we painted temperatures above 30°C with red-orange. Today this is already done at 23°C.

Plain stupid, if you ask me.

A temperature of 20°C in July over Sweden - should - if correctly used - be a green color in illustrations, to empathize that this is a temperature within the normal span (more or less in July, 20-23°C)


Cold in the next two days

The temperatures in Stockholm will be way under normal, as it is predicted to stay at the most around 16°C tomorrow, and only a mere 12-14°C on Saturday. So, talk about super heat and dark red numbers. Nope. Nix. Nada. It should be fat blue numbers for such low temperatures.

Is it unusual ? Nope, not really.

If you get an inflow of cold air from the North or Northwest during July, with overcast weather, perhaps even rain - then the temperatures fall down to somewhere around 15°C. in our area. The earlier (American) GFS prognosis was even colder, calling for just 10°C in Stockholm. However, I felt that was unrealistic computer garbage. Because water temperatures in the Baltic Sea are now between 16 to 21°C. So, in real life, even with the inflow of cold air, I would not expect temperatures to stay at 10°C during daytime. That is unrealistic - unless it would be a matter of extreme cold air.

The normal temperature during an ice age, would probably only allow 10°C being the normal MAX temperature for Stockholm. (it's my guess, calculating 10°C lower). But we are not there... yet. First warmer - then comes the chock events - and then it goes rapidly down. Good luck with all Eco technologies and electricities based on batteries, sunshine and wind BS - the way it is touted now. (more environmental unfriendly than what it wants to replace). It is sheer insanity. Especially in arctic countries these politics can turn out to become devastating - which in 2022 already is unfolding rapidly.

People forget one thing: Sweden is still a sub arctic country - all without even an ice age.

But that is another story.

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