What is there more to want ?

But that's the problem with the Ego... it doesn't really have a valuable reason for it - but it is greedy, for the sake of greediness, and never is satisfied. The quality of honest satisfaction, is not coming from Ego - it is coming from the heart.

But when heart is sidelined... well, the Ego dominates the scene. And so it is for many people today, because the way we feed society with these kinds of selfish oriented properties... the more people live their ego bubble lives, because it has become legitimate. And the ego's driving powers (which if goring crazy is more the characteristic of a reptilian brain), inflates this all further and further.

It is a very sad development we are witnessing - often in people who appear to fright for the better, the environment, for the protection of climate - but at the same time, become more and more radical, and aggressive in ways, which is powered by the opposite; a would hijacked by egoism and fanaticism.

The worst part I feel is, that in this process, we help the very dark powers, now especially targeted towards our youngsters these days.


We do the dirty work - for the ego the parasitic "Elite"

Why ?!

They often tend to outline themselves as being the officially "good" powers... which we often think, are the good powers (standing for good things) - but in reality, those are far too often the powers who in reality initiate and maintain the destruction of earth and its people - by letting us to do the dirty work.

The parasitic Elite wants us to believe, that it is us, who are destroying earth. And we are so stupid, to actually believe it. And so we are pushing the very agenda, THEY have given to use, to believe in.

All that under the umbrella of "saving us" (by fueling the destructive means with endless money). But on the surface this is done under the title of doing good, and "helping", humanity, environment. Governments, Authorities and Companies are now all more or less in on the agenda, whether they are conscious about it or not - but are going into the same direction, especially in the west.

We even go so far, to encourage to poison and kill our babies with lethal injections; some die immediately, while others after months. And so it is also for a large part of humanity, who embranced fraudulant "science" - which now shows that it is manipulation at genetic level, including the mutation of our DNA, with worldwide dire consequences - and more and more people are indeed dying.

While you say - it's all poppycock nonsense.

Which is "funny". How can you AFFORD not to look into it ? How can you AFFORD to reject so many warning signals... And how do you do that acessment ? "I didn't get any damages?"

Is that you think all there is ? Like with cancer - it sometimes take a great while. And sometimes it goes fast.


I almost wanted to write
"one day, it will become more evident."

The problem is - it is already EVIDENT ! There are tons and tons of studies, evidences and observations, including between people, hearing, telling, seeing... But we still choose to put our heads in the sand ?

We used to be critical, for example when during the FAKE swine-flu (It was indeed established to be a fake flu, by the EU European Council Swine-Flu Investigation by Dr Wolfgang Wodarg !! How many people remember that today that the Swine Flu was a hoax, a mild influenza ?) And lead to the abortion of the rushed Pandemrix vaccine, which gave 1500 people narcolepsy, especially in Sweden, because here we already had vaccinated so many as 75% of the public. And it was mostly children and young people who got that disease - which completely destroyed their lives for ever - as there is no cure for Vaccine induced Narcolepsy). So, we stopped it.

Now we don't

Despite that many who got 1,2, 3 or even 4 Covid-19 injections - still got sick, and some died. Many get repeatedly sick, more often than before. You cannot call a vaccine a vaccine, if it doesn't give protection. A vaccine is supposed to make you immune. The tale of "oh, but you don't go into the hospital after vaccination if you are re-infected... is BULLSHIT)

A vaccine is meant to prevent re-infection to begin with. A vaccine is meant to make you immune (but instead in this case, does the opposite). 91% who die or are in deep trouble in the hospital because of Covid-19, are TRIPPLE VACCINATED !

So, the side effects, including the most severe ones, and ONLY the official registered ones (1-2% of the total real damages), are globally now in the MILLIONS.

What kind of bullshit vaccine is this then ? I mean alone from the official numbers - which most people, do not even care to look into, despite being registered in official databases... SO, we just rely on... media, being the foremost information for our assessment.

And what if the media not giving you the real picture ? When Bill Gates gives million over millions to all the wester countries leading media... at the same time, he sits on top of the Bill and Melina Gates Foundations as well controls officially GAVI, the vaccine alliance.... do then still believe, that all the hundreds of millions of Dollars to the newspapers around the world, would bite the hand that feeds them?

Think again.


So, here we are

- already now - in the middle among injected, shedding people, and barely even realize that a Genocide is being committed. Where the fertility rates are plummeting (-15 to -27%), and where the pregnancies who fail, rose from a level around 15% to a whopping 78% dead born babies.

While you/We have been avoiding everything, and just think "Oh Corona is over, so it is over for me. I can travel". or even

While we still are promoting the genetic shit that's been injected into people, making them sick, even kill - now into the millions around the world under the disguise of "normal diseases"... Which even kills plenty of spots men and women, at their very peak, at young age.

Just like that, if that always has been normal. I don't find 800+ top athlete's sudden death syndrome normal. Not even 100 is normal - because it never ever has been normal, other than a few deaths per year. Now we are writing these events of collapses and deaths in the 1000+ already.

And we are still sleeping. And still get aggressive towards the people, who still after 2.5 years try to warn us...

Sounds a lot like the symptoms of the people back in the days under the regime of a guy with a mustache Not even that we realize. That much we have gotten under a spell, under a sort of mass hypnosis...

It ain't helping humanity. And it ain't will help you in the long haul, either. On the contrary, if we continue to allow deeply psychopathic, narcissistic criminals to rule almost ever single country in cohorts like that - THING STILL NOT GO AWAY BY ITSELF !


So, I ask you again:
How can you afford to ignore signs ?

evidence and warning signals - by calling them all fake...

What if there is more to the truth, you have not yet realized ? What are you going to do, when you realize, you insisted on the injections, and killed your children ? Parents ? Grand parents ? Patients ? Before I let somebody inject something foreign into the body of my family, i wouldn't really want to do more research, instead of just "get it over with".

But apparently, I may be old fashion - and don't understand how people "think" today. Because the new thing is not to think, and only to trust what government and authorities tell me to believe.

Why is that ?

Because you and I used to believe that the world we live in, for us, like here in Sweden or Germany or Italy, is overall a good place, and that authorities and doctors do us no harm. And yet, death caused by wrong medicine and diagnose, is at the third place of most common death; in Germany it kills around 80-100.000 thousand people every year!


30.000 € per month -
to inject people with experimental genetic jabs

A "Doctor" in Germany get incomes form delivering the genetic jabs to people, in never ever seen high levels of money: between 125 and 175 € per hour. (28 € per jab) Bringing it to a monthly salary of up to 30.000 € for those especially eager. That is so much money, many doctors do not even get normally. And you didn't even have to be a real full fledged doctor, to get it.

And it is all paid from the people's taxes. On top of the cost of the jabs, i mean. This is how to get people to kill people, under the umbrella of health, security and safety. Our media is as criminal as the leaders who tell them what to write, and what not to write.

Talk about organized crimes at the highest level of our visible structures of societies.


Wheels within Wheels

The whole amounts of agendas together - transfer a never seen amount of wealth, unparalleled to anything we have ever seen in human history. From the middle class, poor and poorest - to the richest of the richest 0.1% - who are laughing at us, because we are so stupid, not to be able to look through the veil of deceptions. They got "clean hands", while we are promoting the shit to slowly kill off each other. And anyone who is persistent, wanting us to think, we "kill off softly" calling them names.

This is how it is done. And this is how it is STILL DONE, in the mature, modern age of anno 2022.

Who would have thought.
Who would have believe.

We, who learned our lessons from the world wars.
From the crimes.

Have learned absolutely shit, nothing.


Oh, but...

Now where is my Phone, my TikTok, my Facebook, my Instagram, my mirror, my selfie, my hamburger, me, me, and me. Love in the one moment, ignorance and nonchalange in the next. Oh, that's just fitting how genuine we have become, don't you think. We, who are so eco and everything, not even there we see through the veil of deceptions, further promoting our own demise - which already is in progress, IF you can see how it is crumbling.

No, of course you don't. Why would you use your soul, heart and brain togerher - it just crams your style. What's next. A fourth or fifth's jab.

Good luck with that. But I don't recommend it, I seriously, honestly, and by heart, so not recommend you ever to take any jab what so ever. Neither an experimental genetic jab, nor the upvcoming "Mon(k)eyPox", which they are now pushing harder.


And for god sake, never wear those masks.

It makes you much sicker over time, due to the vast onset of fugus and bacterias in your lungs. And these fungus diseases, are not to joke with once they gotten hold in our body. Together with a diminished immune system, the more jabs you have gotten, the more difficult it is to assist your body in healing, when more illnesses are thrown on top of it, by wearing masks. There is no gain in decreases oxygen levels - on the contrary, it is one of the most prominent reasons why a oxygen starving cells, turns into a cancer cells.




More than 150 comparative Studies and Articles
on Mask Ineffectiveness and Harms


Brownstone Institute




I am so angry at "us" people

- because we all together, allow this shit to happen - and dispise those who actually try to tell us, to wake up. All that stupid "rolling my eyes to heaven", you know, it starts to tick me off.

You should do homework, and not other people for you !

- 126 -