I used to enjoy to write about weather extremes, because i felt it was interesting with such phenomenas. Albeit in today's woke crazy, totally over the top world - I do not really enjoy to write about it anymore. One of the reasons you will not find too much diary entries about the weather - compared to how much I used to write about it in the past.

Nevertheless - the branch of hot air, is now moving into Sweden since yesterday - is in fact noteworthy. Målilla, a place notorious for both cold extremes in winter, and heat extremes in the summer - got a temperature of 35.3°C yesterday. Not enough to top the 36.3°C measured in Sweden during the beginning of August 1975, which was a summer many still can remember.


+37.2°C in Målilla, Sweden

- which by the way is located inland in the Southeast, already reached 36.6°C +37.2°C (Highest measured temperature in Sweden since 1947) which was back then a whopping 38.0°C - measured in Målilla in 1947, and Ultuna in 1933.

I only hope they are honest with the numbers... when they "upgrade" or correct them. Something which is no longer written in stone these days if numbers are being put out honest or not.

Just today there was an article in the leading mainstream media DN.se about:

"Conspiracy Theory Spread about red colored weather maps - "absurd criticism"
says SVT, the Swedish State TV

I explained exactly that phenomenon the other day

- and showed you the illustration, how deceiving coloration has become in terms of showing things far to "hot", even at temperatures which are a LOT below normal temperatures - the official narrative has taken it to its mission to make 15°C in July in Sweden, by coding it orange.

15°C in July in Sweden in Stockholm feels COLD - cocksucker bitches. There is a conspiracy behind, absolutely- and it isn't theory. It's just classic projection. And boy is the word "Conspiracy theories" an old, worn frikkin rug...

You can get tired for less.

Another cocksucker bitch titled it's video yesterday (20 July 2022) about the devastating fires in the outer suburbs of Athens, like this:


"Devastating Record Heat has reached Athens"



But... is that true ?

So, I checked the synoptic MAX temperature grid from 20 July 2022.... and guess my surprise, that the MAX temperature in Athens was only 30°C. Which in fact is BELOW NORMAL for this time of the year (it should be around 33°C similar to Catania in Sicily). There were two stations in Greece reporting 35°C at the highest, located near the border to Bulgaria, and one station right inside Albania at the Greek border, also 35°C. Albania had up to 37°C though.

(You need to zoom in order to see the detailed temperatures all across Europe)


Athens 30°C

is by no means any strange for Athens in July - and as I said before, it is a temperature below normal.

For crying out loud, Sweden had up to 36°C yesterday, Berlin in Germany reported 39°C, and so did Hamburg 39°C... waaaay up, located far more northerly.

If you want honest record heat in Greece: You need a whopping 45-47°C - bitches !!! That's 15-17°C higher than Athens registered 30°C yesterday.


Why all the fires ?

Makes you wonder why does Greece so often have these fires ? Are the coincidences ? Are they done deliberately ? Are battery driven cars exploding ? (not that uncommon anymore these days) I sometimes get the feeling that some fires - but not all - are started deliberately.


Very low temperatures

Over Alaska over the Bering Strait - the coldest air ever in 70 years crossed the Bering Strait. / ships had to be rescued by Russia, due to the thick ice on the North Polar cap the other day.

The spread of ice in the Northern Polar region is much larger than during previous years. Check DMI, Denmark's ice charts. Greenland ice has been constantly above average. And the ice bears are far more than ever before in modern times.

Oh, right. Conspiracy Theories... just because the financed propaganda, as with lethal Covid injections, insist on the opposite as being "the truth". When has that ever worked in the long run ? And what will it cost humanity. The price has never been as high as it has been in the past 2.5 years. Devastating high.


Our Swedish State Propaganda Media

and the numerous in so many other countries - should be deeply ashamed in participating in such nonsense. But then again, Media isn't about to get you informed. In fact, many outlets should be dragged to court, for participating supporting Crimes against Humanity. I do not forget the Genetic altered shit injections - how every frikkin media outlet hailed it as if they where sent by God.


Media is about to get your attention dissolved and focus on all other things - but never where the powers really are and act in the hidden, with endless crimes against the people, against humanity. Instead they fuel people to devour one another through hate, aggression, separation, undermining honest discourse fueling so many lies - and blaming the messengers for "Conspiracy Theorist". We are doing the shit job - to destroy each other - while the ultra elite and the politician puppet in the background smile their asses off - all the way to the bank.

Wake up.


I am getting aware

that this kind of talk, doesn't help. I know this. Or let's say, I start to understand that it will not matter. As if a global hypnosis has taken place over the majority of people. But there will come a time, in which people will go berserk, but also people who rise to the occasion; people like you and I, normal, common sense people, trying to help somehow those who are around.

We will need to honestly support each other in not so far off times, counting from now. And when the shit hits the fan, it will not be pretty. I just hope people get a hang of it, and don't freak out, but try to come out of their hypnosis. The plans for Europe, and Civilization t large - are not pretty. Not at all. It does make you think of guy with mustache 80 years ago.

Only this time, it will be done "prettier" on the outside.

Read Klaus Schwab's "Great Reset" - and understand the sheer insanity, the malice and psychopathy that is unfolding in the plans they have for humanity. Well they are already starting to be rolled out. Look at Germany. Look at Canada. Look at Italy. Look at parts of the US such as California.

Wake Up. And just say No.

- 127 -