I went to bed around 10:30 - and woke up in a dream, which was about me floating above Slussen (Stockholm), which looked like a mix of model landscape and reality. All of the sudden a huge surge made the water levels drop by 70 meter... Then I woke due to a strong feeling in my lower stomach - and went to the bathroom...


I was like... what the fuck is this ?!? Anyway; Mission accomplished and back to bed.


Erased. Rewind. Repeat.

14:30 - i woke up again. Went to the bathroom.


Again. ?!

Then, another third time, around 15:50 - same thing - but this time i called my work telling them that I will not come to work (at 19.30), because this shit ain't working while driving the subway. I told them as it was. "Do you want to stay home one week ?", they asked

"One week ?! NO !! Just one day. I certainly hope that this ain't lasting longer then that" - I said.


No clue. Or perhaps small clues.

This came totally out of the blue... albeit, I had a funny sensation three days ago. It had something to do with that I saw a scene, or listened to a video about health, and they talked (among other things) about the smaller intestines. And for unknown reasons it had this weird delay in me. I remember thinking, that I never have problems with my smaller intestines - at least not really.

So, i find it funny, that in that sensation was a sort of "communication" embedded (this can be direct "as it is", or the opposite). In this case, it turned out to be the opposite; getting all of the sudden got an issue with my intestines.

Anyway, to make a longer story short; I do not have direct answers why being suddenly overrun by my intestines emptying all their contents: it is either the burger I ate at "Trafiket" at Gullmarsplan yesterday evening before work, or because of the anti-work pill i took earlier during the day (which i may have taken prematurely too early, instead of waiting 2 weeks with the second pill. I took it after 10 days).

When I ate the burger, I had a vague sensation of that the burger this time tasted different, kind of like a burger without spices and/or, like a burger that should have fried a tiny little longer. But it was such a fleeting vague impression, that I didn't paid attention to it, other than registering the sensation.


Never mind.

I don't think it is serious, and more of an interference, which will pass after 1-2 days. I also have Russian charcoal pills - which aids when you have diarrhoea, in case it would last longer.


Sal returning from Sicily

Tomorrow late before midnight, Sal is returning from Sicily and I will meet him at the airport - in order to help him with the heavy luggage. He takes me entire Mamiya C330s camera system and lenses back to Stockholm again. And I know how heavy that bag is, and will aid him with my shopping stroller, so that he doesn't have o carry together with his backpack. To avoid possible damages to the back.



Oct 2015 - Sicily

I remember Oct 2015 when I lugged that thing, 17 kilo (with a small footprint), from Stockholm to Arlanda Airport... via Istanbul, flying to Catania.... A tiny movement, where i bent my back reaching for a battery in the suitcase... lead into the most severe lumbago i have ever encountered; It happened two days after my arrival in Catania - and destroyed the entire vaccation, rendering me mostly (more or less) inmobile for at least 8-10 days.

I could barely walk, and it took (during the next day) 1 hour just to get on my underwear pants... Without Sal's help, I wouldn't been able to either eat, or leave the house or buy food.

So, now you understand, why I want to help Sal to get off that heavy suitcase right at Arlanda tomorrw midnight !

- 128 -