Strange... I still have diarrhea but now I see the black Charcoal particles - which means, whatever I ate for example yesterday, is already through. So, perhaps it wasn't the hamburger i ate 1.5 days ago at the "Trafiket" place - but something else.

It might have been

• The anti-worm treatment, here in Sweden called "Vermox", which promotes you to take 1 pill, and then another pill 14 days later. I took the second pill already 9 days later. And by the way, the manual calls for pretty nasty side effects possible "in rare cases", I noticed.

• Right now I am drinking powder milk Sal brought home from work. I haven't been out to buy full milk yet. And I wonder, if there is something with the milk powder that may enhance diarrhea ? It's just a thought, because as I drank coffee with that powder milk, i noticed stomach movements pretty soon after. And then a second time, again.

• The hamburger is still on the charts, because i could have initiated this situation, and then it takes a while until this is resolved. So, it still could have been the reasons. I would say it takes 1-2 days to resolve when one has eating something that was spoiled (in one or the other way).

• I had eaten a bowl of fruits and Fil (Swedish milk product) with sugar in it, yesterday evening - which did not trigger any bowl movements after wards. That was surprising.


Power Full Milk ?

Since the powder milk is a totally new ingredient I normally don't use in my household, I have to consider the possibility, that it may have added something (for unknown reasons ). Or alternatively - the powder milk doesn't help the situation right now. (I believe drinking milk or coffee isn't such a good idea, when you have diarrhea ?) I have to check. Coffee does normally not trigger any bowl movements for me.

Sal on the other hand, always uses it for that purpose deliberately in the morning, combined with a cigarette. I used to get that when I was young, that in the beginning drinking coffee and having cigarette - and then you go to the toilette (doing a normal thing / not the thin thing, I meant).


Powder Milk. Fail. Not working !

So. The Powder milk is not working during Diarrhea. In fact, i only have to wait like 15-30 minutes, to get a direct correlation between the powder milk / coffee and bathroom. Clearly something to avoid. I will test later with real fat milk + coffee, to see if there is a difference. IF i make it to the store & post office *LOL*

If that doesn't work, I'll test with only black coffee. Gotta take the chance to test things out, collecting experience, while i am at it ;-)

A mixtrure of Vitamin C + lemon + Magnesium Citrit + Potassium seem to be fine, and does not call for any reaction. Knäckebröd without anything, also seem to be fine.

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