This is so odd... All of the sudden today, Sal asked me to touch his head, if it felt warm. I said, yes, it actually does a bit. He then went to bed to take a nap. When he later went up again, he measured his temperature, and it turned out to be a whopping 38.7°C

That was uncalled for. You know, like totally out of the blue.


The powder milk had something to do with it... ?

On my side, I got rid of the diarrhea. FINALLY ! Whether the powder milk was the culprit or a contributing factor - it seems that it had a roll to play - but I do not know why. It's the kind of powder milk which is used by the company in which Sal's works, being used for customers. So, there is nothing wrong with it.

Since I stopped using it - the bathroom visits started to get fewer and things started to return to normal


Stomach aches

However, instead of that, I got plenty of stomach aches (as if the stomach got sensitized from the earlier event). When i used normal (good) milk (in my coffee) instead - at first everything was fine. Until it wasn't - and I started to get pretty bad stomach aches. Also when i ate to heavy food, it was the same (or because I still drank milk).

Anyway, I drink coffee black - and with that, the aches stopped too. So, today is my first day in which I feel pretty much fine - and this will therefore be my last sick day.


Possible reasons ?

But that Sal now would suddenly get ill, is really a bit random. I mean as of now, we haven't been able to tie his fever to anything particularly.

Unless the fever is related to something that got "released". What I mean by that is, that illness can sometimes be the consequence of a condition which has resolved - and now the body has to work to restore it (tissues, cells, etc) which when needed during the stress time,s and now that the conflict resolved, the tissue can be broken down when not needed anymore.

It means the illness isn't the illness, but the consequence of a conflict has come to an end / got resolved. Kind of like when you live though a very stressful period at work - you need extra resources - which the body builds up in order to cope. As you then go onto vacation - as everything starts to relax - you suddenly get sick, right when you thought you could enjoy your holiday.

Very common phenomena, i am sure, many have experienced, too

That's the principle which CAN occur, in which the sickness is the consequences of a conflict (stressed body and cells), starting resolve, and then the body restores that unbalance - that's when can get sick. It is the consequence of the now resolving in the body, that we sometimes get sick.

I am not saying this is the only reasons - but it is a principle worth to keep mind, when there seem to be no other apparent reason for illness. It is part of the "Terrain Theory". But note, that I am no friend of only one theory, which means, i lean today mostly towards a combination of both "Germ Theory" AND "Terrain Theory".


The existence of virus.

Well, I've never been fully convinced, really, that virus wouldn't exist. There is absolutely and clearly something - but it is a very intriguing area ! Today, I am more sure, that virus can come both from the outside, but ALSO can get created as well activated from the inside; e.g. the body cells are creating viral material.

There was a time a couple of years ago, in which it seems to be just "too easy" to reject the entire virus & Germ theory... but it isn't that simple. It was not easy for me to walk into areas which I had no real knowledge about, other than the standards you get to learn at school. So, it takes time to assimilate good and bad, false and true information, trying to figure out what things are, or what they could mean. It really takes time and effort - and you will a most people do, go sometimes in circles, sympathize with theories, but they are not always reflecting reality. It takes time to distinguish things form each other.

So, I have not stopped trying to learn more and more - and therefore, along the road, i also have refined my idea about illness, germs, virus and terrain (the conditions in the body)

As I acquire more and more knowledge, at this stage, i feel drawn to that BOTH theories are valid; both "Germ Theory" as well "Terrain Theory" - as i don't consider them to be exclusive from each other. These should rather be combined, instead attributing one theory to the truth, and throwing out the baby with the water in the other.

There are valid points in both virus/germs theory (= germs creating disease), as there are in the Terrain Theory (= bad Conditions in the body creating disease)


HIV retro virus exist - but not the way we've been told

I also do not reject the retro HIV virus any longer. However with the distinction, that it is part of our own genome - which can be triggered through stress, bad lifestyles, drugs = it can get re-activated, as being part of our own, but becomes an "entity". (However HIV does NOT create AIDS !! And that is a very important aspect in the scam of AIDS)

Retro viruses are part of our own bodies - and can get re-activated. After all - you have to remember that 8% of our DNA Genome is made up of viral material.

It is for example thanks to the (specific) viral addition in our genome, that the human female grows babies inside her womb, instead of laying eggs !


VIRUS are an exchange of INFORMATION !

When the body (our cells) are stressed, due to that we do not get enough nutrition, vitamins, minerals, or because we sleep constantly to little, are stressed, drink too much, take drugs, pills or eat bad (genetic modified food), add vaccines, etc ... over time, you are walking on thin ice, and the cells in your body start to react. Both create as well reactivate viral material. And we get sick !


Think Herpes, for example

When cells are pushed too far, they can create viral particles, or re-activate latent virus. You know this for example that many people when stressed, can get Herpes-Zoster virus reactivated, and your lips or your genitals get those ugly blisters. That's a typical example of lifestyle/stress/illness reactivate viruses which are already in our bodies.

So, not everything comes from the outside creating illness. The body also can create viruses and germs, under the 'wrong' conditions, as a consequence, so to speak.

It is a reaction to the conditions you are living - keep that ALSO in mind.

Or, it is created because the conflict in your body got resolved, and during the time the body is restoring itself, we can get ill. Can also happen !

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