I was of course super-duper-mega exciting to be able to make images with a digital Leica camera for the first time, back then in October 2007. I orientation was mainly black & white - more so than today. Therefore the issues with colors, where not as much of my concern (and Leica fixed a lot of the weird color issues in later firmwares).

So, during the first days, having to experiment with a Leica Noctilux-M 50/1 just felt soooooo cool. Yeah and of course, it wasn't an easy lens due to it's special, kind of different, characteristics. Nevertheless - when I look at the photos I made during the first days, I can re-imagine and feel the excitement like it was back then.


Leica UV-IR cut filters

Leica also gave people who bought a Leica M8 special UV-IR-cut filters, which eliminated the leakage of Infrared light making colors look weird. Albeit it also introduced more flare from spotlights and street lights. Without those filters, it was nearly impossible to get color images made in tungsten light (traditional light bulbs). Fabrics in sweaters and pants would often turn bright purple in such yellow-red light conditions (without a UV-IR cut filter)


Today in 2022

It is way easier for me to correct images taken with the quirky colors of the Leica M8, because we have so many more and better digital tool available for correction.

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