Of course I was excited. At the same time, I also realized that the standard of the camera wasn't really on top - especially not for the high price of 4900 € / 42.000 SEK (in 2007) it certainly was under-performing in many ways. And yet, which is strange, i accepted that gladly. I wonder why...

Again, my orientation was BLACK & WHITE Photography with this camera. So, colors where not of a major concern.

But I already realize in the year of anno 2022, that when it comes to Leica... there isn't much that entices me really. I am just not into it anymore. But I do love the stuff i bought decades ago - and that's it. I use what I've got. If I ever would add a lens to the Leica system - it would be some of the best Chinese lenses (there are a few lenses which are good such as the was it TTArtisan or 7Artisan 28mm f 1.4 lens, while many others don't really offer anything extra). On top, I can also use these M-Mount lenses on my Canon EOS R6 and Sony A7s cameras if or when desired. I like that flexibility a lot.

But the Leica system is of no priority for me anymore, because I use the Canon EOS R6 and the Olympus OM-1 - and both are simply super excellent in so many ways.

Case closed.


Speaking of a camera era

Sal brought home my Mamiya C330s system and it's many lenses - which is a delight, to see this 6x6 camera back home in Stockholm, after I shipped it to Sicily as a backup, in 2015.

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