This was one of the best session I have heard since I started to follow the Corona Investigative Committee since Jan 2021... around session 30+

Now we have come to the 116th session - and it was crammed with both very positive and inspirational material in the first interview - but ended up with extremely disturbing findings, when Dr Ariyriana Love was interviewed by Viviane Fischer and Dr Reiner Füllmich (and Dr Wolfgang Wodarg).

Sometimes I wonder on which planet have we be living, the way we have been taught how the world works, how medicine works, and how school medicine works.

And how it just doesn't work - but we stay deeply asleep. In the mean time, during the past decades we get fed, while more people run into so many illnesses and diseases, which we over time, have taken for granted, are the natal part of life. Only that it may not be quite like that. And that was mildly spoken, to say the least.

Below, a video intervju shown which came in the end of the No 116 session:


Dr Ariyana Love

at the Investigative Corona Committee No 116.
1 hour 2 min

Guest: Dr. Ariyana Love
Naturopathic Doctor & Investigative Journalist.

Her elder son was vaccine injured at age two and diagnosed with High Functioning Autism at age 7. She applied her knowledge of Naturopathic Medicine and designed a dietary protocol that resulted in a near total reversal of her son’s debilitating symptoms. In 2017, she was awarded the official title of Goodwill Ambassador to Palestine via the Palestinian Authorities.

• Covid-19 vaccine-patents: they're able to target and permanently delete genetic codes on genetic lineages in humans, and also encode new genetic sequences into the genome of targeted cells – about the role of gene-deletion in Autism and AIDS.

• the 115 different animal venoms contained within the "spike protein" ("Glycoprotein S")

• the transmissibility of this bioweapon using graphene oxide nanoparticles as vectors. “They are not using viruses in any vaccines. It's always been deadly bacteria extractions, like E. coli, to create lab generated Mycoplasmas and this is the root cause of all chronic illness."

The Corona Committee was founded on the initiative of attorney and economist Viviane Fischer and attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich. It is conducting a review of evidence on the Corona crisis and measures.


After two and a half years...

I am taking nothing for granted anymore, when listening to the findings people have come to realize in the jungle of research and deeper knowledge - how utterly screwed our society system really is - and the powers who dwell in the "invisible", who always had I as a goal, to sell as much as possible, as expensive as possible, by making people sick, as many as possible. And though all the many decades, the conglomerates of interests, strategic companies and a vast network of politicians, lawmakers, judges, and medical institutions being involved with increased criminal corruption...

We have come to believe that on the outside, things are still pretty much OK, even if the system we learn to love (or at least accept 'as it is') occasionally gets some hiccups. But we almost always say "That' doesn't happen tome, really".

What if we are could be wrong ? Dead, wrong ?


Rockefeller's Coup d'état of Medicine

And when it comes about the vaccine, both the Covid-19 jabs as well earlier vaccines we used to call "conventional vaccines" - I just had no idea how devastating the entire engine has been behind the whole apparatus. How utterly cynical and frankly spoken, deeply criminal the science already has been right from the start behind large part of official medicine (since the Rockefeller's Coup d'état of Medicine in the early 20th century).

I understand however, that it ain't any task to get behind the curtains. It can take years gradually to understand the immense brainwash we have been set up to accept as a natural part of life, even seeing them as life savers.


The degrading machines behind the pink system

But in reality, never has been, never was meant to, and never will was practiced as true healing or preventive medicine. In reality, they were one of the many channels, to induce people with lethal pathogens, developed in labs, crossed species and piggybacked into vaccines (and other medicines), given to patients.

Very often re-purposed drugs,which once were put down because they were too lethal or had major side effects, suddenly pop up decades later as "life saving drugs" aiming at a "new disease" for which there is "no cure", but in reality - the treatments are killing people. (it doesn't bother you, until it hits you and/or your family... And then you do not get help, because all of the sudden you are rthe one "on the other side of the system".

Now what ?

The tremendous, extremly cynical scam of "HIV causes AIDS", giving lethal drug cocktails, originated from AZT, to people - where later cocktails are made of variants of the same, more or less leading into death and damages. The price people paid in the 80s and 90s, the price the gay community paid, as well the people in Afrika - for Dr Fauci's favorite drug, the extreme toxic AZT, creating many hundred thousands deaths, if not millions globally because of AZT - and not because of HIV !

Well, Fauci is still alive and well. We have massmurderers on our publics stages - and presidents - who killedseveral ten millions of people - and are still alive, without ever having been charged for the crimes they did.


Obama, the favorite of favorites

- created the most wars of any president ever in the US. Trump started - none. (I am not a friend of him, but it is still a fact that he didn't start any war during his time). And that is a huge plus. All other presidents during my lifetime, have started and engaged into several wars.

Which is funny, if you consider that any president, also has to parten his legs in order to take shit on the toilette. So, who are these people, who consider themselves to be the rulers over millions of people, to start war, famine, chaos and destruction ?

It not worth the paper their shit falls on.


AZT caused AIDS

- a immune deficiency, due to a weakened immune system, because when the body gets further toxins (after having lived a truly bad lifestyle with drugs, poor sleep, poor nutrition, too much booze, bad food, too little sleep etc - it can not go on for ever - the body's immune system starts to fail), But when you got on top a re-purposed lethally toxic chemotherapy drug (AZT) .... you die. With the symtoms that were/are attributed to AIDS.

The AZT drug was originally a chemotherapy drug, which when used on animals in the 60s - all of them died over and over again. Therefore it was put into a basket without any use.

Until Dr Fauci came along in the 80s, and declared to the world that AZT was the answer to cure AIDS - and ONLY that drug had to be used (like with the Israeli company Gilead, it's drug Remdesivir, a very toxic, very expensive drug which Fauci ordered only to be used on "covid-19" patients - of which he killed more than 500.000 people under the label "died of Covid-19" in the US alone).

So. The story repeated itself. No remorse, because Fauci like so many others are extreme psychopathic - they couldn't care less - and will not care until their last breath. That's how psychopathic minds work. They are not human - and never will be like real humans. They are predators, simply said. And you don't teach predators to sit and play nice.

Gimme our drugs, we need them - the gay organizations around the world screamed. And made Galas and god knows what. And we all played along. Supported, supported, supported - while the players in the hidden, just laughed over how stupid we were.

Of course you can't find a cure for AIDS, because you have to expose the origin in the whole scam, where such deficiency really came from. It ain't a retro virus who is responsible for the breakdown of an immune system. But it works well, when you overladen the body with toxins - you will enter the phase of immunodeficiency with attached illnesses, breaking down the body. Like with any lethal drug, this will happens.

Now after Covid-19 vaccines we have VAIDS. Also known under the label Vaccine induced AIDS.

Go figure.


Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

Yeah, gimme. And they got more death, more suffering, more devastation. The numerous AIDS related organizations further siphoning humanity for more money, more support for Gay men with AIDS. Only that the money never reaches it's purpose nor destination. It most often goes to the wrong hands, onto the wrong accounts, and not to any "cure", what so ever.

Never was intended to, either.

So, all who supported this religion - got their shit. And we the people around. created a movement with nice banners and huge contributions for "AIDS", in the naive belief, that we would support the people with AIDS to find a cure. Without ever addressing what really went on, without ever putting the perpetrators into prison for life... without really addressing the lethal drugs behind the scam.

As with the experimental GENETIC ALTERED lethal Covid-19 injections. Same story. Same denial. Same scam. Same global networks, investors and players.


Repeat the Coup - over and over again

And so Dr FaucI and his comrades, went along contributing to the global scam of Covid-19 vaccinations, which now, with all the data that already has come out, by real doctors, real scientist - and not scammers who get paid to lie to the people, showing that every single aspect of those experimental, artificial modified mRNA and Vector Covid-19 shots, are the biggest crime ever to be done in modern history against humanity.


They cure nothing. Nada.

They don't protect (the more jabs, more more, longer, and stronger illnesses you get, including death) They don't help to lessen spread (on the contrary, they help to spread and create new variants, the more you inject people). Corona virus have NEVER been a problem - you need to remember this ! What causes problems is when you tinker in labs with viruses, by inserting stuff that nature would never combine. But the real Coup was and always has been, the Covid-19 "Vaccine". THAT IS THE ILLNESS - the attack against humanity.

And now we see the fruits from it. It is absolutely horrific what people have to go through after being several times jabbed. And it is just increasing more and more.


1p36 Deletion syndrome = breakage of DNA

The sheer amount of illnesses induced by these experimental jabs are staggering. After all - the Pfizer papers showed a list of 1100 illnesses - from which one of the most serious ones is the 1p36 deletion syndrome.

Which frankly spoken is nothing else that the breakage of our DNA. It just snaps and cells get corrupted. in the brain, in your forehead. With slowly, gradual changes in your personality. Now wonder, when DNA breaks apart.

I often have to think of walking into an atomic reactor - whose radiation also breaks apart DNA.

While we certainly don't walk into open nuclear reactors - we definitely walked by the billions into the jab, who among thousand one hundred other illnesses, can cause DNA breakage in the brain.

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