When I went to work last evening on 28 Aug 2022, around 21.50 - the temperature was at a whopping +21.5°C here in Southern Stockholm. (evening before 18°C, and before that 16.1°). So, I skipped the leather jacket going to work.

The MAX during the day reached 27.3°C in the city.

During the night a weather front west of the city, closed in but never penetrated our area. You could see lightning without sound, closing in from the west up until 60 km at the most - but never made it to Stockholm. Like a bow, the weather front bulged to the west of the city, with lots of rain and thunderstorms (Linköping got the highest amount of rain in EUROPE with 140 mm) - while we in Stockholm resided still in a pocket of warm air subtropical origin.

But the hours for this extended high seasonal summer during August 2022 - were counted. A few raindrops fell during my night shift - nothing more.


A touch of Africa

Then in the morning, the sun came out, orange red - so I took away everything sitting at our kitchen window, in order to be able to open it, and to make some photos of the rising sun (since the balcony is obstructed by a huge, pine tree).

It gave a classic look, a touch of Africa.

The air still warm, around 18°C, made it almost feel tropical. Then just a few hours later - the sun dissapeared, clouds took over, and rainfall started. And the wind gusts kocking around our plants and flowers.


The plunge

In the evening, the temperature had dropped to a mere 11°C only. High seasons is gone. Now you can be lucky if we even make it to 20°C, which isn't even sure that it will - because during the next days i may drop down to 13°C during the day, and 6°C during morning hours.

I guess, autumn has come.


Gotland (Visby) still made it up to 29.4°C

The truly last pocket of hot air, resided over the big Island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea - still pushing the temperatures up to 29.4°C yesterday - a remarkable high temperature in the end of august (which quire often is more like early autumn most of the time).


Summer is over.

The real warm air is gone - and i assume strongly, that we will not get any temperatures like we had recently. I find it fascinating with warm air masses in the very end of summer, beginning of Autumn. What they few times are capable of in Sweden, which after all is a moderate subarctic place on this earth... more cold than not.

Which most people seem to have forgotten. How easily cold air can penetrate the north, and give misfortune to growth of vegetables... how close it can get to disaster, if something goes seriously wrong up here in the north. Lack of rain also has been an issue, albeit not as extreme like on the European continent.


The dynamic Earth

Yet, we have forgotten the extremes form the past 1000 years, what weather sometimes is capable of. Instead we blame everything on "climate change". Well, climate always has changed... in case you have forgotten that you live on a dynamic planet. Earth doesn't work like a company's office and computers, where everything has to b according schedule. And if something diverts ... panic on the titanic.

You are living on a living planet - which you can discover, once you get off that bloody mobile phone, and puncture your silly bubbles and artificial letters illumined on a screen.

Sometimes I wonder - can we save ourselves ? Or have we buried our heads down into some low level, low grade "intelligence" due to the screens we spend hours over hours at. Almost everyone does, these days. Life and earth have become a sort of backdrop, while we "live" some sort of artificial created life inside of mobile phone screens.

Pretty fucked up. Especially the consequence of the changes it does to us, to our moral, empathy and activity... or should I say, the gradual lack of them... what that does on a larger scale.


I see Eco fascists

willingly rowing up people with guns, who do not obey for whatever small reasons. The technologies we are "investing" into, are the death of our societies at many levels. Huge amounts of poverty, illness and death ways along the road that is now paved to hell. With the very best intentions.

We have learned... shit... nothing.


Who gains ?

The 0.1% on who believe they are at the top (or so it seems, but that might just not be all truth, either... just saying).

Like vultures who think they are 'the shit'. Well, literally spoken, that's what they are.

But the biggest betrayal lies in that we, the common people, are backing up all that shit, in the belief, "we are helping the planet and humanity", but instead are pushing the very opposite; the destruction of humanity as we speak.

- 140 -