This was a very chilling interview with Florian Schilling - which really should be know to a wider audience. And I hope that is the case. I will link to the corresponding videos, both in English as well in German.

Florian Schilling (Scientific director and non-fiction author)
Session 118 • "The Truth Pact"

Observations on vaccine breakthroughs and immune escape among employees in German companies.
Childhood dementia on the rise - addressing the connection with the new mRNA injections
Imunosuppression by vaccination: extensive evaluation and statistical evidence of the phenomenon
Fall/winter forecast: massive increase in adverse events and deaths, high staff shortages, shortage of medical resources ...and more!


Florian Schilling English link -> here



Florian Schilling • German link -> here


Almost non existent: Child Dementia

One of the most horrific and chilling aspects of the new "vaccinations" (genetic injections), is the rise of a new phenomena in Child Dementia. Annually only 1-2 cases of Child dementia exist in the world. But all of the sudden a rise has occurred, now counting in the 3 digits in the last year. With Child Dementia mean the children which get it suddenly in the age range between 3-10.

Note: Not the kind of Dementia which can occur in children due to damages in the fetus (either due to vaccinations, medications/drugs or genetic defects).

So, this is a whole new kind of Dementia only seen in older people. Also notice that dementia has fallen in the age of older people. All of the sudden we see effects in dementia people as low as 30-40 years of age.


Prion disease & neurological damages in the Brain

It should not come to any surprise, if you ever listened to , Dr Stephanie Seneff she already outlined the danger of the experimental genetic injections - the research she conduced, already back in June 2021. When i listened to her conversation with Dr Mercola, it was absolutely mind boggling, how the interactions of artificial spike proteins injected into the body have severe effects on the brain cells, just to mention an example.

Or just to give you a very simple example: I spoke with staff in the train depot - and it was noticed that the injected staff appears to understand orders less good as usual. That the quality in reactions in the people seem to have gone down (and become more passive). It was just one of those observations from real life... people getting slower, less responsive, and don't seem to understand the depths of their duties they are supposed to do. People kind of getting slower...

Florian Schilling explains in the latter part very well, what exactly happens in the injected people, especially as they take repeatedly so called "boosters". And given that Germany plans to inject people every three months, the prospect for the future, is nearly fatal at many levels, given how severe the immune system is destroyed, barely coping with any diseases or cancers.


Your government is killing you.

They do not serve the greater good, have no divine mandate nor do they serve the people - and give a rats ass of what you think. (Just take your frikkin' booster) Any government supporting the experimental genetic injections - is a criminal gang serving other interests and themselves, as well being connected with psychopathy.

You may not want to believe it. Fine.
But the day it hit's you - it really hits you

Or it goes so fast, that you don't even have time to realize, what just happened.
You just died.

The rise of excessive mortality has risen significantly in many countries. The rise of children mortality is in the 10.000% - but your criminal "fact" checkers will tell you the opposite. The rise of "sudden deaths" is sky high.


Leading cause of death in Alberta, Canada...

In Alberta, the LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH No 1 - is now "sudden death syndrome". It comes before cancer, stroke and heart attack. Imagine that for a moment, how absurd this is. And the official doctors say "we don't understand", and "We don't know how this could happen".

More Boosters, anyone ? Come on, how long does it take to hit you in the face, as it already should have hit your brain to understand what is going on.


This is no coincidence - not by a long shot.

I never even remotely imagined, that ongoing Crimes against Humanity would look like this; that the majority of people are literally protecting those Crimes against Humanity, in the belief it is something that benefits their health, and protects them from what they fear; an invisible virus, with a mortality rate of 0.05%, with "vaccines", which we thought would protect, but as it so happens, needs to be repeated like every half year, and now they want you to take it every 3 months.

If it is so bad in protecting - then it ain't worth the name "vaccine" in the first place.

• Also; we normally don't vaccinate for something the body is able to handle all by itself.

• Also; all attempts to create vaccines against corona viruses, have failed badly in the past 20 years, and shown that animals most often died from vaccine candidates. Therefore no vaccines were put onto the market.

• Also; genetic modification vaccines and medications were strictly forbidden to be used on humanity. (The EU changed those laws silently in 20 July 2020).

• Also: Doctors used to know that masks NEVER protect against viral particles, ever ! This is old modern knowledge !

• Also: Doctors used to know that you NEVER vaccinate pregnant women.

• Fact: Deep burried in the Pfizer papers, it now shows that in the small "test" trial, 80% of the women lost their unborn children after the genetic Covid injections.

• Also: genetic therapies have in real life almost always failed miserably and lead to death in patients iit was used on.

• Also: The Covid-19 injections ARE genetic injections, not vaccines.

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