It has been a full months since Tekki suddenly passed away... and frankly, it feels like it has been a longer time. She is often in my mind, as well in Sal's... and we tend to talk about her... the little moments, which are not missing. I should rather say; the MANY little moments... which filled every day with laughter, smiles and words as well interactions.

I never thought it would feel so deep, you know. She truly grew deeply into my heart, especially since she moved to Sweden back in Nov 2020. I've never had such a deep linked relation to another animal. I mean, not really. I do miss her terribly much...

To make things short, I decided to gather a collection of images with Tekki though time. After all, there are quite a lot of photos since I first encountered her back in 2015...

Photos from 2015

is from when she lived at Sal's ex mother-in-law Anna in Mascalucia 2015, between Etna volcano and the city of Catania. Here she lived freely in a large garden with tons of trees, bushes and fruits.

Afoot the Etna Volcano in August 2015

These photo are from the first weekend together with Sal in Aug 2015 (after we dated in June 2015 first time). The location called Monte Gorna & Illice, two majestic volcanic cones at 1000 meter above sea level in more distant / isolated region afoot the Etna Volcano... Absolutely fantastic ! Here I met Tekki for the first time - and I believe she was just 4.5 years old back then.

Following images are a mix form the years of 2015 and 2016.

Sal's 50th birthday in Nicolosi

It was in the morning of 17 January 2017, when the weather dumped around 5 cm snow over Nicolosi as well Upper Nicolosi in Sicily (830 meter above sea level), and Sal had to put chains onto the wheels - because it was simply impossible to drive on summer wheels. And this was a fiddly procedure... because this doesn't happen very often.


Autumn 2018

Sal had to leave the house in Upper Nicolosi, and moved down to Catania, in with Maria Grazia. The girls took care of Tekki in Torino, in Northern Italy. Which we visited in Jan 2019 - so it was wonderful to see Tekki again.

Autumn-Winter 2020

Arrival day. The whole Corona hysteria with fierce laws upon the people of Italy, made Sal move to Sweden for good. And Tekki was on board moving here too. This is how she became a beloved family member in my very home.

The interaction between Tekki and Sal is just so wonderful to look at and experience. Talk about true love - the kind of connection that went very deep between those two.

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