The death of Tekki stalled me emotionally during the past 4 weeks, and I didn't really feel to dig in deep into my Diary, writing about what I had planned to write - further info about the Corona Plandemic developments

The vast amount of studies, honest based science and the absolutely terrifying numbers due to death and injuries caused in people of all ages due to the experimental genetic injections. There is so much out there - the sheer amount of information, what these injections have caused to humanity, are staggering. Almost every political party, almost all governments, almost all medical institutions and doctors supported the genocide under the pretense of "safety, security and health".

Every single aspect of it - has now proven to be a bunch of lies. The worst lies our 'representatives' ever have committed in recent modern history.

Global Corona Experimental Genetic Injections:
• 20+ Million deaths
• 160+ million injured from which 75 million severe damaged.
• You/I/people/the poor in particularly had and are paying the bills for the deadly jabs (via tax, increased prices on everything, millions of lost jobs)

Remember the insane crimes committed !


A little break

Nevertheless, I just didn't had the drive to write about it during the past month (such as pointing at key videos, studies and articles - ans boy there are so many distinguished studies...). I am not talking about paid off "scientist" who sing exactly same the song for 2.5 years- I mean real scientist, medical expertice and researchers.

I've been at this for 2.5 years now... and sometimes, it does requires for me to get off the subject at times.

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