The Solar Maximum diminished, so there would be ebb in terms of visible Northern Lights. Yet, you can still sometimes see them, because not all Auroras are dependent on major flares. A corona hole can sometimes induce geomagnetic storms on earth. A minor display occurred on 12 Sep 2005, and then again on 15 Sep 2005.


15 Sep 2005


9 Apr 2011 (San Fransisco > London)

While not visible over Stockholm (Or I donät know) but on the flight when we traveled home from Big Island Hawaii to San Fransisco to London to Stockholm. Over the southern tip of Greenland, a major display unfolded, and made the journey feel as if it speeded up vastly... We were so budy, Daniel and I, that dawn appeared and Ireland... It really went fast !

It was a very spooky display, i remember. Pale but pronounced like ghosts rising... In this case I used my Canon EOS 1D Mark IV camera. First came the curtains in a horizontal manner, already while dusk was still visible at the horizon. Then came a second wave, with the aforementioned spooky display while on our way towards Iceland. Very surreal display, I remember...


27 Sep 2011 + 27-28 Sep 2011

Scientists do not entirely know, why Auroras more often appear around Spring and autumn. But you may already have seen from my images, that they indeed appear often around March, Sept, Oct, Nov.

A minor display was visible over Stockholm the same year, with a few features - and it started very late, around 02:50.

However in the evening, the dispay got renewed activity, with another minor outbreak.


19 Sep 2012

Another year passes, with a light to moderate display over the north horizon at my balcony in Snösätra, in South Stockholm suburbs.


17 Sep 2013

Daniel and I were on the hunt for the naked-eye comet C/2011 L4 Panstarrs... so while driving outside of Stockholm, we did find the comet... but totally unexpected we encountered a major display or Auroral Fireworks. Which would go on for many hours. Albeit at first we experienced that half of the sky was covered with beautiful streaks and curtains... which entirely diminished only a half hour later - and nothing was visible. When we switched location, far far outside of Stockholm - the restarted again, with a veryclassic and beautiful display... with an outdoor temperatures of -11°C. hour hands were "ice", after hours of taking images...

At around 20:00 the Northern Lights turned rather pale and barely visible to the naked eye. The artificial brown light form the city would mix with pale but multicolored Auroras lingering...


Icy Fairytale

Daniel and I drove southwards, not far away from Nynäshamn, but in an area not yet contaminated with the harbors strong lights. So, we found a most beautiful location - which was just perfect. Kind of strange... that we would find such lovely spots - in the middle of nowhere, no experience and no maps.

But there it was. With a beautiful tree on a small hill. And the Northern Lights restarted.

Most images, Daniel took at this location and he did a marvelous job (!) - while I was out with the Mamiya RZ67 studio camera and the Sekor Fisheye lens and analog film. What an highly odd combo... I have no clue what I was thinking...

Truly enchanting. Both the place, the trees as well the fantastic Northern Lights display... Here below you see my lightpainting images i made with the huge bulky Mamiya RZ67 together with the Sekor Fisheye 37mm f 4.5 lens and Fujicolor 400 film

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