27 Aug 2013

a mild display of Northern Lights at our balcony in southern Stockholm showing some faint curtains in green colors - nothing really to write home about. Yet, it is always nice to see Auroras... Occasionally there would be a somewhat stronger pulsing, showing more features in the curtains - but for most of the time it was just a glancing bow over the North horizon.


13 March 2014

Birthday Northern Lights, albeit very weak ones, more like a greenish haze over the north horizon.


3 Jan 2015

Very faint auroras, basically only visible to the camera's accumulative exposure.


17-18 Mar 2015

I was at work, and rather unusual I had the Leica M9 with me - which isn't exactly the kind of camera you wish to have with you when taking images of Aurora... but there I was, and the unexpected display of Aurora turned out like this. I had of course no tripod with me... The display went on for hours, but weakly... I managed to get home and make images at my balcony, but the display was poor. Basically just faint areas of diffuse green.

Not even the hyper sensitive Sony A7s at ISO 20.000 could save the day, when I went out with tripod later in the evening.


10 April 2015

very small and weak outbreak of Aurora directly in the North. Nothing to write home about, really.


4 Sep 2015

Similarly in autumn, kind of the same situation. A weak display in the north, slightly strong compared to the one on 10 April 2015.


7 Oct 2015

Fantastic display of Northern Lights - but I only had a crappy iPhone with me... and that didn't look any good, especially when you want to make a JPG picture brighter. But here it goes...


14 Sep 2017

Two years had passed without I ever saw any Auroras over Stockholm... and when it was time again, it was a very weak display, taken with the Sony A7s at ISO 50.000 somewhere at work, near Hässelby Strand station.


25 Aug 2018

Well deep solar minimum often means weak displays (mostly but it is not a 100% rule). In my case, I only saw weak displays a few times during these years. This time it was just a faint diffuse glow, invisible to the naked eye.


15 Jan 2022

Another 4 years would pass - and this time I had the new iPhone 13 Max with me - which passed the test of being able to take handheld images of Northern Lights - but you have to take it in Apple ProRAW, not in JPG, which diminishes the quality. A brief but magnificent display, which was very well visible to the naked eye, with plenty of dancing movements within the curtains. This also was the first time in Sal life, he saw Auroras. Since I called him immediately... he went out onto the balcony...

This display did not last long, less than an hour.


13 Mar 2022

Another birthday outbreak, albeit very minor, and not much really to see. A few streaks appeared. The new Olympus MO-1 camera did in fact a very good job with the Auroras - not something you normally think of to use, given that it has a small microfourthird sensor. But it worked very well.


14 Mar 2022

After the earlier evening auroras susided and dissapeared - they reignited after midnight.



12 Aug 2022

an unusual early display of Northern Lights over Stockholm, albeit weak - but there it was.


14-15 Sep 2022

This is just a couple nights ago - and it was a weak outbreak - especially when you watch from a bright city... It started so weak, that it was barely visible to the naked eye - but would later pick up a little bit, making it easier to see them. There was a brief flare lingering over the horizon, with some features visible.

Now that we are approaching Solar Maximum, it is fair to say that a couple more powerful outbreaks are in the cards in the next years. Let's see what the future holds...

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