I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air.

Autumn lingering in the air rather clearly, and the average temperature in Stockholm for the first 17 days in September, has been almost 3°C below average.

Especially the first week with those very cold nights pulled down the average, as the temperatures fell down to 0°C in the outer suburbs. It lasted almost a week.

We had 2 days with temperature MAX slightly above 20°C, nothing more. The rest has been rather chilly. So, September 2022 is really nothing to write home about, and certainly nothing to contribute "climate change" or "climate warming". There is none. But newspapers and the politicial parrots will tell you the opposite - like they always so. It is so sad, so sad, really.


My home feels rather cold

albeit it is not confirmed in pure numbers being +19.5°C. Yet, my hands are cold and I have been freezing the last couple days (which is really odd) We usually get some heat in the element in October, or when the outer temperatures goes down to 0°C.

Being mid September, an indoor temperatures of 19.5°C is actually low - I used to get this around mid October !

(It actually went down to 18.8°C next morning, being even colder - despite closed windows and doors. Normally it would be 22.5°C indoors in mid September !)


Strange, I almost never feel chilly

It's rather the opposite;I have always warm hands and legs, and when I sleep in the bedroom, I have to take away the cover because it get too hot for me *LOL*



Next months I will buy a little (outdoor) oven - the type which you can use when there is no electricity, and make food on it with help of anything that burns. Since they are about to destroy society as we know it - i have gradually prepared - at least to some degree - for the inevitable times, when things get really rough. I will then be thinking; 19.5°C indoors would be a dream come true...

We live in very strange, absurd times.



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