Well, there it is again. The infamous, in my opinion dreadful bad "Fujicolor 200" film (e.g. made by Kodak). Which was 2.75 Euro when I bought it in 2015, and now it is 12 € - which is a total scam towards people who buy it. A disaster. Rather put a couple €uro on top, and buy a professional color negative film instead. Much, much better !

However, the above portraits are one of the few images which turned out good - and with post-processing and noise containment, even better. But for most of the time, I just get shitty results, no matter which year i used that film, no matter how good my C-41 development was... it is always been a highly funky film, giving funky results.

How many times have I been bitching about that film ? Too many times.

I only write about it again, because a couple days ago, I was scanning another batch of Fujicolor 200 films. Generally one can say, that it takes a LOT of post processing to get it look good (or at least better). But I always feel that it is not a film to write home about.

It's just sad, that it is so unreliable in it's results.

- 149 -