The project (idea) to let my hair grow longer, which I started around autumn 2020... did indeed lead to long hair... but boy, what a ghastly result. I looked anything like a Viking inspired hair style. In a way I also lost my common identity with the normal hairstyle i used to have for a long time... didn't find my way home.

Somewhere in June i cut off half of the hair. That was at first a much better look - but still iffy at times - because it always requires me to bend the hair it together. Otherwise it looks like a bump you find in a shady street. Sal and I had many laughs, believe me.


The very recent self portrait above

is in fact the extreme few decent looking images of me from the past 1-2 years. I almost never make any self-portraits, because no matter how I do it... the results looks goofy, plain ugly or simply not anything anyone would want to look at.


Bette Davis

You have to know that I have a larger "helicopter platform" in the back of my head with almost no hair. So, I can't let the long hair loose, because that in combination with the helicopter platform looks simply ridiculous. I need to bind it together in order to look decent. (By the way, every time I make a self portrait, i can't even see myself on the screen without glasses - muohahaha). Who was it who said "Old age, ain't for Sissies". I believe it was legendary, cool Bette Davis.


Hair everywhere...(on the floor)

When Tekki was alive, her hair was found everywhere on the floors in the apartment - quickly quickly accumulating. After she died - it is my frikkin' hair that dominated in many places. No fun, No fun at all. I never thought of that ...

Apparently I have extremely fine hair - and it ain't get any better with age. Since i treated it a couple times with stupid things (hot hair curler), I think it got more damaged - breaking more easily. Binding it together in the back, also contributes to a lot of hair going off over time. So, there is the answer, why my hair is found in the apartment (albeit not as much as Tekki) *grin*

So, the Viking project is dead - clearly !

In the mean time I keep the partially long hair, and bind it together. I may or may not cut it back to like I had it before... but I am not sure what I am going to do.

It was fun to let my hair grow. I wanted to try it out, where that might lead me. Now I know. It was clearly a couple decades too late.



Some photo through time












I slept funny which resulted into waves in my hair... *LOL*


Basta !

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