A more general measurement of snow cover and snow depths in Sweden started around year 1905.


A unique record

Then something happened in the morning of 3 October 1994, all of the sudden, the city of Stockholm was covered with snow up to 3 cm. It did melt away several hours later - but it was truly fascinating to see snow so early.

In fact, it was a earliest snowfall ever recorded in the City of Stockholm, with a lasting snow cover in the morning. I remember that I took both Polaroids as well, only recently discovered, I had made some snap shots with a film camera, as well. Like you see in the image above, taken somewhere around 03:00 to 04:00 in the morning of 3 Oct 1994.


Mid October 1992

Another year I remember as being pretty extreme, was October 1992. Here i believe it was either 11 or 12 October (or around those dates), almost 10 cm snow got dumped down. And in the end of the same month, another 10 cm came down, while the unofficial temperatures north of Stockholm went down to -13°C. which must be something like a cold record for the area.

I remember it so well, because Per-Olof and I went to the Djurgården Park in Stockholm, trying to illustrate images of "storm" for a photo contest in Sweden (which by the way, resulted into that I won the first prize). So, when we were out there, it was mild and pleasant (and very colorful) - and only 1.5 days after it was suddenly... all winter.

Here i have a simple digital copy from the handmade print. It was based on a so called sandwich, made out of two color slides (6x7) put together, and then enlarged on Cibachrome de Luxe paper.


9-10 Oct 1992

It wasn't stormy that day - on the contrary - beautiful blue sky, relatively mild, and many colors in the trees ! Truly beautiful.

Yet, I had to find ways to create the feeling of "storm". It was fun, to go out with Per-Olof and the Mamiya RZ67 with tripod... aiming to illustrate themes set for various photo contests. The big umbrella, which I got from my parents in Berlin - don't know why they would give me that huge (!) umbrella... The umbrella stills exist in 2020. The theme by the way was "autumn" not storm. It was my thinking of storm, which mae me create the "stormy" image.

Sal used it the other day in the rain when we went to ID authorities.

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