This is so strange. I believe it was several months ago, perhaps a half year ago, when i browsed the Internet in the search for Olof Tyche - which was my boyfriend back in 1993-94. Not much came up, just a little here and there, mainly related to his profession and Karolinska Institute and some newspaper articles about theater, which was his big passion in life.

But what i felt was curious was, that I couldn't find anything beyond 2019. Also his Facebook site didn't contain anything beyond 2019. At here in Sweden, his name wasn't found either.

I don't know what made me find the information today, but there was an announcement, that Olof Tyche died in May 2021.

If I sense/understand/interpret his kind of personality - in my opinion - he would be one of the first ones to take the experimental, genetic injections - after some hesitation - and mainly to "be on the safe side against Corona", just in case, you know. Not unlike many people surely evaluated the situation given how fierce the information campaign have been from the Swedish Gov and most politicians. Not to mention all the medical staff being groomed in that kind of thinking.

He was that kind of person that would take the experimental, at times for people lethal shots.

And then he died.

But remember, this is my interpretation, and yeah, I have no proof what so ever, since we didn't had any more contact during the past 10+ years. But being so young, and just dying off - is not natural. The guy was a healthy guy, and looked also a lot younger than his age. In several of his more recent images, I was impressed how much Olof, actually still looked like Olof. He was 4 years older than me...


The sensation i feel right now, is indescribable.

It's an lingering albeit increasing sadness, it's also a bit of anger, and it is a strange wobbly feeling in my legs and stomach - making me realize that it hits me much more than i expected. Well, these things always come from behind, don't they ? They hit you like a slow bullet...

I said just a few weeks ago to Sal, that I suspect something might have happened to Olof... I did suspect that he might have died, albeit i didn't have any info (nor that I would get any). And now, it is confirmed just a half hour ago, that Olof did pass away... Oh man, Olof, what the fuck did you give yourself into ?!


"1001 images"

I am sitting here with thousands of images of Olof... and I just want to yell, why aren't you still here in this world ? It makes no sense, that a guy, so healthy, great genes and everything - all of the sudden dies off in the age of 59 - just like that.

It absolutely makes no sense. And my gut feeling tells me, hat Olof was killed by the experimental, genetic Covid-19 injections.




Those are the last (personal) images

I have of Olof Tyche from the year of 2007. So, he was 45 years old in the photos. I thought he was great looking. And so typical Olof like i had remembered him from 1993-94. In between 1994 and 2007 we had no contact what so ever.


Boy, that's already 15 years ago.

I remember that he felt that my Canon EOS 1D mark II was intimidating - coming from a guy who loved to be in the spotlight (camera) back in 1993-94 *grin*


Infantile thoughts & traces

I also remember that the same little comment from him, made me decide to buy the swine expensive digital Leica M8 just weeks later - because that in comparison to the Canon EOS 1D Mark II was a very small fullframe camera - and certainly not intimidating.

I know the comment is unnecessary information. But for unknown reasons, I can sometimes trace back the most infantile, tiniest little thoughts, which "stick in my head" resulting into later decisions, regardless logic or not. It was certainly not logic to take a loan for the Leica M8, which i paid off over 6 years for 13% interest, probably costing me something like 7000 € in the end.


A bit odd

As of lately i have also noticed, that I seem to have a photographic memory about when and where i had a thought - i immediately remember exactly where i had it, and in which environment this appeared. I have no clue why that is like that.

The ability to remember things like that, reveal the strange psychological mechanism, of how an infantile thought can lead to strange decisions later. Kind of like what steers a consumer, isn't the product, but often something else CONNECTED to it. It can be as small as a simple, single sentence which got "stuck" in the mind... bobbing around in the moat of the subconsciousness, leading to a changed choice later.

I use this strange ability as an information tool, trying to understand myself in hindsight, why I did certain things in a certain way, what was the first "thought" which lead to a chain of events, so to speak.

The other day I told Sal for example, that I can remember the exact point, where I stood, when i had a certain thought that crossed my mind. That i always see my surrounding when i had a thought, in front of my inner eye, where exactly that was.

Oh, this was beside the point information. It's not important - it's more like that when thoughts come into my mind, I tend to write about it in my Diary. It makes me less focused, and I tend to jump into other subjects.

Many things I rather discuss with Sal instead of writing about it in my Diary here. What moves my heart, isn't always revealed in my Diary. Instead I tend to write about other things instead - kind of trivial or not even important. Such as camera stuff, you know. Or weather. Which are - let's face it not really what moves me heart. It's more like a way to get distance to what is really on my mind sometimes.



this with Olof's death... man, it goes into my bones, and I am not even sure I can explain it in words. Perhaps it is a mild chock or some sorts ? The guy has healthy. He had a natural great body being in shape, better than me. You don't just die like nothing in the age of 59 with a body in good condition.

People usually don't just die off like that. It can happen, but it is rather rare. For most of the time, 59 is no age in Sweden. It's when they take in substances into their body, things go wrong. Especially when governments started to support experimental, genetic injections with insufficient tests, propagating intensely the use of such lethal drugs under the umbrella of safety, health and security - it has come to a point, which is absolutely unforgivable !

When you government and health authorities, actors and celebrities support what in essence are lethal injections, degrading the human body - yet tell you it is good for you - or even force you to take them - then it is absolutely unforgivable - gone beyond all thresholds of moral, respect and decency.

Then they all have become part of deadly cult of decay. And the last part that realizes this - it the ego. The ego usually is the very last part that engages into any kind of honest insight.


Speaking of death... my stepmother Bozica

The other months I also was able to find my stepmother on the Internet. I have never found her name there... until very recently. She died in April 2019 in Croatia. I wonder if she lived her latter years there, instead of Berlin ? I have no clue. We have had no contact since 2009.


Perry Gil-Ran

Oh, he his kicking ass - which means he is alive.

In fact, he looks damn stunning in several images I have seen - so i picked my favorite of the few I looked at. It's very much Perry in a sort of "ageless" way, and very handsome with that beginning gray in his hair. He is rather slim, so that pronounces the features in his face. How old is he now... ? Well if I am 56, he must be 51 y.o. now.

He does look good in many other images (while there are also a lot of mug shots, for reasons unknown). As he looks thinner, his interesting broad jaw comes out handsomely - a sort of squareness - which I think is so cool. I think the young boy in me, loves that - always has loved that feature.

So, I come to love that part in his face, when I met him the first times back in 2003. Well, I've always loved his face for many reasons and i assume even infantile reasons - so, it isn't so strange that i like it even today. (Why wouldn't I ?) But the typical Perry look are all well preserved in his face at 51 years of age.

The gestures of his being, are all the same, though. Like a figure, standing in various cities around the world - smiling into the camera - kind of all the same way, nothing has changed in 25 years *LOL*

Look I was here, and here, and there. I sort of miss the individual personality coming forth in photos sometimes (the part that makes a person more unique) - the person behind that glossy, show-off, straight handsomeness.

Like asking; Who more is behind the guy in the photo ? Perry loves good brand clothes, and being in cities around the world. The mingle type of guy, the well acting boy - who knows how to spread smiles and always fitting in gallantly. But - who is the guy in private, the personal human being ?

To be really honest ? Not even I would know.

Admiration of masculine faces

I am a admirer of masculine, male faces. Sometimes I can watch for hours hunky faces within photography, by following my my eyes the lines of a face. I think the human face, both male as female, is perhaps the most long lasting interesting i can think of. That images of people, their faces though time, is fantastic to watch. And Perry's face has always been sort of peculiar. Sometimes extreme handsome, and something kind of goofy. yet, handsomeness isn't necessarily the classic symmetrical look. I often find asymmetric faces and looks more interesting. Like when the beauty of a face "flares up", dependent on the angle, the light or caught in a movement. That is, what I find, makes it so interesting with faces.


"We who work at Kenes - believe in Vaccines"

*rolling my eyes to heaven*

What else did you think can be said officially when working there... Despite those Covid-19 injections aren't in any way vaccines - but i guess he/they doesn't read the manual behind what vaccines are, and when they are not. And given how badly the Israeli people have been treated by their own governments... not to mention the extreme damages inflicted upon many who took the shots... it is rather disastrous.

He and Kenes seem to fail to inform, that 1300 people died in the 42000 people Pfizer trail. Since when have we mandated and supported "vaccines", where 1300 died in a trial to get those "approved" ?!

How does it feel with such nefarious lies based on Crimes against Humanity ? You can believe what ever fuck you like in favor of "vaccines" - but those did not bring back the people, who died from them in the first place.

Nor did they protect anyone.

Funny, where people have their alliances invested. In essence - going so far, to support Crimes against Humanity. It is easy to surf through life on a räkmacka / shrimp sandwich, like the Swedes say.

I wonder, who really are the criminals. It usually isn't written on their forehead, on the contrary.

So. Now i said it.

But working at Kenes - you can't say anything else official officially, right Perry ?


I highly doubt Perry being the kind of guy who dares to speak for truth when it truly counts in the face of humanity. It would be simply too revolutionary, wouldn't it ? Perry never was a fighter. He secretly is more leaning towards keeping his individual goals in tact.

He would loose his well paid job if he said something critical - the journeys and brand clothes, the many lunches and sparkly drinks, smiling into the camera. So, let's support "vaccines" then. And millions with him, do and did the same. It is funny given the tremendous amount of data that is available to this day regarding the absurdly negative impact the experimental, genetic altering Covid-19 shots have - showing the broad spectrum of negative effects on human bodies.

It is so overwhelming, you can't ignore that. If you are honestly critical and dare to look into all sides of the coins.

But who does that ? Perry ? I doubt that.

The only different in information is - that it isn't shown in the general (nowadays criminally acting) media - which are the outlet's we trust the most. And that is our undoing.

I can't see Perry being a guy who ever would stand up for anything like that. Why would he ?

What am I supposed to say ? Bra jobbat, PG ?!? (it's a swedish expression)



so far, whatever Perry took real Covid-shots or just placebo's, or perhaps pretend to have got them - we'll never know.

So far, he is alive and seem to be very well. We all have our parts to play, and our soul lessons to learn, in this universe within the 3D density.


I remember that in Spain

was a scandal of 2000 people among the wealthy, pretended to have gotten the Covid-19 genetic injections, but didn't really, and just paid for it to look like they got it. Nothing surprises me in that regard - and this has happened in all regions of the world.

Those who are in the know, as well those who can think, understand that the Covid-19 injections are extremely volatile to the human body at so many levels - even in the hidden in people who haven't gotten any issues yet.

Plus the fact that they can fail to do harm, too. So there are many constellations under the carpet of scrutiny.


That's it for now

So, a little bit of memory lane this was. Strange times we are in, for sure. When I look at individual men which have been part of my life, each one of them, and I look at their portraits - it is like "diving into a sphere". In that moment, you love them all.

That shouldn't be misunderstood. It has nothing to do with reality, where everything went wrong. It's is just a time capsule, in which the heart speaks it's own voice. Neither reasons nor trying to justify anything. It just tells a story, when the heart speaks it's voice, where the flows really go. To each one of them.

It does not demand. It does not crave. It doesn't do.

It just is


After thoughts

I wonder why I did put Olof and Perry in the same entry. I sometimes have wondered if there is a link between them (or from me towards them, through aspects I have not yet fully unraveled). There is something about them both... and something tells me, there is a link. And in fact, resemblances in the way I experienced them both. Not to say, that they were the same - they were not. But there is something... I can't quite put finger on, that reminds me of links.

But what links ? I'll ponder about it.

- 153 -