A perspective on Sal

Well, and then there is my beddu. The face of my man, husband and partner in crime. Diving into his face, is like... meeting a world of unspoken wisdom, like a getting in touch with channels of past lives. A masculine handsomeness, combined with a very different kind of love which does not stop in front of prejudices or memories.

In that way, it is a different kind of beauty which seem to be as if a very old spirit dwells behind a pretty 'normal' person which just happens to live the live with the name of "Sal". Do I sound cryptic ?!

Sal has an accessible beauty - at the same time one which breathes respect and natural persona without fuzz or strangeness. A beauty, which doesn't try to harbor dark secrets or shielding muddled waters deep within the psyche of a soul - creating distance to others. It does not pretend. It does not manipulate, neither silently nor actively. When you share closeness with Sal, you are truly, fully and entirely with him - without those unspoken aspects. Without loosing respect. Without loosing curiosity. Without the impression of passivity or being a lame person.

It's really difficult to express in words, because at the same time, experiencing Sal as a person, is perhaps one of the most intuitive, natural things to experience - without ever getting boring. That makes Sal's beauty a unique one, I have rarely encountered in people during my now increasingly longer life.






I am not here to put Sal on a pedestal

- because that's not correct to do, nor am i intending to do that. At the same time, I do wish to give expression to his unique person - almost everyone who has experienced Sal, knows what i am talking about !

It's just there, you know

Like a natural, fantastic component of him being just him ! So, that makes Perry and Sal being the difference of day and night.

Maybe in both their secret space of their hearts, they may not that different - but they made totally difference choices and the way they chose to live, and to adapt (or create) aspects of their lives. That is what in principle means Free Will, regardless circumstances. And of course they made different experiences in life, as well. Do they understand that those are consequences of their choices at deeper level - and less because of the people they have been together with ?


The God Spark

So, they roads have been different, and their development accordingly. In essence however, like for most people - the God Spark powers all versions. (I doubt it powers psychopaths though, at least not directly but indirectly as being part of the lessons for others)

But people in general - their lives, they live individually and accordingly their own choices and consequences. Sometimes unwittingly we others play a key part in their lives - either as being the "good" ones, and, as the "bad ones". Both serve ultimate lessons along the path of lives, we live.

They all face the challenges and lessons they are meant to be confronted with (i often consider a life time containing certain, specific challenges, like milestones - in which we have to make vital choices - which whether we understand or not, brings us further in our deeper understand - or it let's us due to our choice, come to a stand still.

If they take and manage those key confrontations, is entirely a different chapter. Not all people do. Many don't. And sometimes it takes decades to understand the deeper meaning of it (and answers behind). And sometimes people die without ever having understood, without every having gone beyond the veil of deception and illusions in life.

Regardless; it does not matter what I think of them. That is not, can never be the point.


I do wonder sometimes

if the people who "played the bad guy" (in our eyes, in our lives, our projections off them, both right and wrong)... if their spirit and ours came to an agreement before incarnation, to play those parts later in the physical life ? In order to help us along our path of development in a spiritual sense of soul ? Of course, we never truly get to know that in a human, directly consciouses way (unless one is extremely strong developed and can grasp such things literally). I personally am not sure of that - but I do ponder a lot about these things. I am not talking about flower power or the hijacked New Age BS.

I am talking about what the eye cannot see, and yet is an essential part of our existence, with all the aspects that are part of our lives, even if we can't grasp them straightly with our fives senses (which seem to be utterly blind for most of the time).

That the things we call so important in our lives, are a minuscule fraction of what truly is important. That it is easy to pass by blindly during a human lifetime. I mean the ego thinks so many things are important - while often they are not at all. Even with all the might of logic, intellect convincing us about what is important... may not be important.

While the unseen seeds, perhaps are the ones that are truly (potentially) important - yet are waiting for to grow only in the kind of soul (and soil), which makes them becoming fruitful.

For that to come about, one has to ignite the sparks of understanding which includes the world in a much wider and even more so, deeper sense - without the justification that comes though ones ego's "importances".

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