It seems rather odd that some analog lenses got extremely expensive only in the past 10 years. I happen to have a couple of them - but not because they are that special. So, I have no clue why some lenses get into extremes, while others not. Generally, I do notice a price increase on almost all analog photo equipment.. A few exception apply, such as quite a lot of lenses for the professional studio camera, the Mamiya RZ 67. A typical example is the Mamiya Sekor Zoom 100-200 mm f 5.2

An excellent lens by the way - but huge and heavy - litterally. I bought one for 100 € back in 2017 and it still can go for that price.


Pentax 67 SMC 75mm f 2.8 AL aspherical

It was i think one of the last lenses developed by Pentax for their 6x7 system - introducing a bright, wide-ish normal lens with aperture ƒ2.8. This lens was already expensive back in 2014 - often around 1300 €. Look how quickly that has changed... Those prices are extreme. Equivalent up to 40.000 SEK.

Worth it ? For that price - not even close, being totally overrated. Use the SMC 90mm f 2.8 instead.

Now it is around 3000-3600 Euro. Why ?

It is good, but not that good nor any special that would in any way set it apart from other lenses. A sleeper lens which can replace the 75mm, is the Pentax 67 SMC 90 mm f 2.8 - which also gotten more expensive, but certainly not in the same ballpark. I bought one for 230 € back in 2015. Today it is around 350-400 €. Comapre that with 3600 € for the 75/2.8 AL lens....


YouTube Influencers legacy ?

Maybe this has to do with trends and Youtube "influencers", setting weird trends. I call many of them parrots. Like the insurance sellers. Smooth people - only without the classic dark salesmen suits.


Mamiya Sekor Fisheye Z 37mm f 4.5

This is another odd boll... The widest lens in the Mamiya RZ67 system, a fish-eye lens - I bought back in 2012-13 for around 380 €. Now in 2022 it costs 2000-2400 €.

But why ?

It's also one of the weakest lenses in the camera system, naturally because of the fish-eye characteristics and complicated optics. to wheel the special character, you have to work very hard with this lens, your eyes and senses in order to find motives which make it justice. Just taking photos with it - gives you those cheap, boring Fisheye looking images...


SMC Pentax 67, 105mm f 2.4 lens

It is the brightest lens in the Pentax 6x7 line up, and among the brightest medium format lenses, too - representing a normal focal length lens (equivalent to around normal 50 mm, so to speak)

It used to cost around 250-300 € - but has spiraled out of proportions, now being 1150 €. You should notice that the older Takumar version 105mm f 2.4 and the newer SMC 105mm f 2.4 share exactly the same optics.

So, why is it so expensive ?



Mamiya 6 camera

Is now up at around 2000 € and more. Double the price what it used to cost less than 10 years ago. I believe the Mamiya 7, is somewhere around 3000-3300 € now. It used to be around 1800 € around 8 years ago.

This kind of development is just sad.

But it is what it is.


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