Last night, a very special weather situation established itself over Southern Sweden, which made the temperature rise through out the 5 October 2022, an reaching it's peaks hours after midnight on 6 Oct 2022, with temperatures up to 16°C.

And i empathize - in the middle of the night, the highest temperatures where achieved with 16°C. You see, the normal average Stockholm City temperature is 6°C. The average MAX this time of the year, is 12°C.

There I stood in my balcony with no winds - and a temperature of 15.5°C in the middle of the night. That surely felt rather exotic. You see, the highest average MIN temperature during the peak of summers, in the end of July, are usually 14-15°C.

So, yes, it was exotic.

Then came the cold front, and started to mix the atmospheric layers, making the temperatures drop a little during morning hours. The reason for the high night temperatures was that Stockholm was caught in the influence of a large warm sector of a low pressure area over Norway - making the temperatures constantly rise since the evening of 4 Oct, all the way up to the hours after midnight, on 6 Oct !



After a cold September 2022

It should be noted that September 2022 in Stockholm was on the cold side, really nothing to write home about, and definitely not a warm month, other than very short periods, with nice temperature. Especially in the beginning, we were near frost temperatures (in the suburbs) - in the beginning of September.

So, having suddenly 16°C in the middle of the night, is a nice change for. Albeit it will likely not last long - since it is such unusual level of temperatures.

As I am writing now, around 14:10 - we have temperatures between 14-15°C. Slightly lower than what we had at night. Sound interesting, doesn't it. Kind of "upside down" a little.

Water temperatures in the Baltic Sea outside of Stockholm are 14.0°C. Quite a bit higher than normal - which probably has to do with that September had not a single storm over Sweden, and therefore the warmer (15°C) layers in the water never mixed with the cooler ones deeper down. Usually you get something like 10-11°C in the end of September.


Estonia Disaster 1994 vs. Baltic Sea temperature

Think of the (deliberate) sinking of the Estonia Ferry back on 28 Sep 1994, when the temperature in the water was 10-11°C - and that's why I always will remember that. (That year we had in July the hottest month ever recorded in Swedish history) - yet, the water temperatures still went down to 10-11°C in the end of September, thanks to that several stormy low pressure areas had passed by. They did however not truly cause the sinking of the M/S Estonia.

It's just the official story that says so... as usual (unfortunately). It's funny... what the FUCK, is wrong with people, and telling the truth ? They just can't and always go the coward way, no matter what.

Well, now we see how the world has turned out into, since this has become permanent fashion among almost all entities such as Gov's, authorities, NGO's as well companies... Nobody seem to be able to dare to tell something that actually is true. They all do the "official image" thing...

Sad. Pity. And if you ask me, despicable.

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