It is one of those moments - when you realize that this Corona Investigative Committee Session 124 - is another KEY revealing the muddy nature behind the Global Vaccination Scam - how badly the science behind actually is.

And perhaps front most important - WHY - DID PEOPLE DIE and WHY MANY DIDN'T DIE.
In the video interview Alexandra Latipova gives you the answer.
She has been in the Big Pharma industry (Research Pharmaceutical & Development) for 25 years - she knows, what works, and what doesn't.

The "science" behind the Covid-19 injections is so bad, and never truly be accomplished the way it is touted to the public. The way how to make large quantity solution with extremely fragile artificial mRNA surrounded by toxic, (also) artificial fat lipids (nanoparticles)... makes it simply impossible. This has lead to that many charge in the vials, have little or no RNA inside, while others have extreme high contents to such a degree that it can kill an elephant.

You have to understand that when you get 10 micro gram of artificial RNA injected into your body, it will spread within few hours around your entire body, including the heart as well the brain (where such things absolutely have nothing to do there - and shouldn't be found there in the first place). Pfizer uses 30 micro gram mRNA - which already is three times too much. Moderna uses 100 micro gram.

Also many vials contained as much as 2300 micro gram - killing anyone and anything within minutes to hours after injections. Not to mention the severe illness caused by this, and highlighted in my previous entry, written in Swedish and English.

The reasons why you are alive is not because the "injections helped" or the science behind it is any solid. It is because the science failed utterly - but at the same time, many vials have no, or very little and broken RNA pieces.

All the batches who got enough or exceeding the recommended amount of mRNA, people got severely sick, many died.

You have to remember that the unofficial death from the injections globally are 20 million people. Twenty million people or more, died from the injections who where if wanted to believe, "protecting" you against a disease, you encounter every winter - but was "the world's most dangerous virus".

Which it is not. And the majority of people didn't die from the virus, but from the utterly bad mistreatments that where recommended by the WHO and Dr Fauci - leading to millions of death, that never ever should have, never ever had to happen. But where attributed to the total sum in order to scare the shit out of people around the world - and to be able to roll out the lethal injections for billions of people.


Alexandra (Sasha) Latypova
Corona Investigative Committee, Berlin
Session 124 "Down the Rabbit Hole"
Spoken in English



Alexandra (Sasha) Latypova
Corona Investigative Committee, Berlin
Session 124 "Down the Rabbit Hole"
German translation


Listen to it.

Listen good, and listen carefully what Alexandra Latypova has to say - because this is a KEY INTERVIEW - which reveals many still unanswered questions, why some people died, and others not. The answers are scary in terms of how evil it all is, when you think about it.


20+ Million people have been murdered

Your families where not protected from injections. There never was any freedom to be achieved. There was never any immunities to speak of. There was never a true danger in terms of mass casualties. Instead, the Covid-19 "Vaccinations" are so gravely killing people, like i said, over 20 million people


65+ Million people severely injured

and in total 180 million adverse events, from which 65+ Million got their lives destroyed for ever - and never get it back in the way their lives used to be. These are extreme numbers of casualties - and not many World Wars have come up to the same amount.

Yet. It just happens that it went on right under our noses - while people who wanted to warn others, where badly shamed, threatened, and outed in public. all the way down to families, severing contacts, blamed, called names - just because people didn't want to get injected...

Where is the difference to Hitler's World and mindsets propagated, I wonder ? And yet, we didn't write the year 1939 to 1945.

No, we wrote the date in the years of 2020-2022.

we allowed to hate people who didn't want to get "vaccinated", and we said "they should rot", "They should be excluded", they "should not take part of society anymore". We expelled people from their jobs. We let people not enter buildings, churches, hospitals, and many others ones. We pushed people into poverty, just because they refused to take a genetic, experimental and fraudulent "safety tested" products who is not even a pharmaceutical product (medicine) in the strict sense.

All this coming from ordinary people, as well Politicians around the world. Those and the same people - we now trust fully - in terms of war mongering, Russia, energy crisis, "climate change", artificial food and detrimental plant-only-for-ever based nutrition instead of meat. And those in we trust ?! After everything they have been done to Humanity, our own people... Not to mention the Media, which all should go to jail for they deeply criminal behavior, which is perhaps one of the biggest cornerstones in rolling our the Covid Plandemic and genetic injections without ever calling anyone in question - except all the people who actually had substantially evidence to say and show - those where called "Nazi", "right extremes" and so on. The Media is the direct copy of what the Industry and Politicians want you to believe. And we take the bite. Every single frikkin' time - we just give them the Carte Blanche. Even defend them... instead of saying STOP - ENOUGH !

Geeze, seriously.

While endless million of people... died behind closed doors - in our faces, with open eyes SHUT.

And we not only let it happen - we literally encouraged it. And then called it silly names like "SADS". Sudden Adult Death Syndrome - while Doctors have not a single clue. In parts of Canada that is now the No 1 cause of deaths.



SHIT DO YOU NEED to be laid down in front of your door, in order for you to understand - that yes, unfortunately, you have been fooled. Like big times.

And in a way, we could consider this to be severe crimes, terrorism and acts committed against humanity, our countries, our cities, our families, our children, our elderlies and friends.

While the people we consider to be our 'leaders', the authorities who were supposed to guarantee our security and test for safety - are in fact deeply part of the criminal who pushed it all. They have to face sentences for their Crimes against Humanity which they have been promoting, forcing, lying about, which lead to hundreds of millions of people to be injured, even killed. Including children.

You you thought, you were protected - just because your Government, Authorities and Doctors told you so. Because influences, Celebs and other wannabes told you so.

I guess we needed those extreme harsh lesson - because we simply haven't learned from the past crimes yet. So, we went all along, into every single trap. As we now do with Russia vs Ukraine - the same people and powers lie behind, as the biggest Crime against Humanity with the Corona Plandemic and it's lethal injections - which are still going on around the world, to be injected under the label "boosters". Which they are anything but "boosters". They don't boost anything - on the contrary, people die even faster now.

We are supposed to believe the people who brought in the lethal injections - and now we are to believe they tell you about "Russia" and "Ukraine".

As I said, we still have not learned the big lessons. And so humanity will suffer even more until we come clear and see the powers who have betrayed us, lied to us bluntly - together with the many puppets in the spot light in an endless parade of a grotesque Muppet show on TV, media and outlets - playing our representative and primary source of "fact checked" information.

My ass, what a bunch of green-brown BS.

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