The insanity revolving "Climate Change", spit out as if "The End is near", and like a Wetiko virus infecting the minds of man women and children... Talk about a psychologically transmitting contagion.

And the saddest thing of all is - that it is the Elephant in the room least is spoken of. Our Sun. Being by far, the primary source of all energy, including our climate, in tandem with the rise and fall of cloudiness, of course.

Blaming CO2, is in essence one of the most evil tasks ever perpetrated; it is declaring war against life itself. Simply because CO2 in our atmosphere, enhances the growth of all vegetation, and strengthen it, needing less water, and making it more resistant to diseases, the more CO2 you have in the atmosphere.

All life ends, when the CO2 content in the atmosphere goes below 150-200 ppm. Photosynthesis cannot take place at low levels. We current level of 412 ppm CO2 is rather low, and plants are still stressed. You have to get it over 600+ ppm, to pass the threshold of stress in plants.


Swedish Sunshine Data

I went to SMHI, our Swedish Weather Service, in order to get to know more about sunshine hours in the City of Stockholm over time. Unfortunately, they now only provide the data in the most pesky of ways, making it largely difficult to deal with all data. Every row you get, is 1 hour, showing the amount of seconds the sun was shining.

So, since the data started 1983, i got something like 370.000 rows of numbers... and now I had to figure you how to deal with it. I don't know much about databases and large amounts of numbers, how to deal with it. So i do it manually, which takes hours, if not weeks. I do this, in order to get the data in such a way, that i can create charts for daily, monthly, seasonally and annual amount of sunshine in Stockholm. If you just make a graph with the raw data, it doesn't give off any good graphs at all.

I have at least finished to get together with ANNUAL amount of sunshine for Stockholm, in the years of 1983 - Oct 2022, and that alone was very interesting. It was when it hit me - and i thought "There is the elephant in the room nobody is speaking of". The vast increase of annual sunshine over Stockholm since 1983, is remarkable. Also the Global Radiation power, has increased by 20-25%.


Turn up the oven, darling

It is like when you set the oven higher (more energy input), you get of course a warmer oven environment.

So, while every fuck is blaming CO2, the sun is shining longer, the input of power has been increasing - which of course created a period of warming, especially in the 90s compared to the 80s.

It looks like this:




All that extra energy

must of course go somewhere, when you get more sunshine. So, why isn't anyone talking about this ? And why the fuck does an amateur like me, having to say it out loud ? I mean, the numbers are available... from 1500 hours to more like 2000 hours of sunshine per year, does make a difference, don't you think ? What has that to do with CO2 ?! Absolutely nothing, and definitely not enough.

How DUMB can authorities, mainstream "scientists" (acting more like youtube influencers), and politicians be - to ignore the main source of energy; our sun !

Of course it steers climate. Do you see anything that is larger, bigger or stronger ? I don't.

Certainly not the futile CO2 molecules, which are what... 4 molecules in a sea of 10.000 O2 molecules. Doesn't sound very potent to drive the end of the world through Climate change, and we must safe earth.

That's vitamin stripped youngsters talking, whose brains don't work anymore, why not knowing what to do with their energy, how to direct their passion and their fear other than stupid ideas which they don't even listen to, ALL THE ASPECTS of CLIMATE.


Daily average sunshine per month (1983 vs 2022)

another intriguing chart, is showing me the difference of Ø daily sunshine hours per months, when comparing 1983 with 2022. Look at the huge difference !


It is simply much sunnier

then it was in the mid 80s. And that means - more warmths. More growth. More vegetation. More harvests.

But the mainstream is talking about doomsday scenarios - and on top, keep people in an artificial climate lockdown, by stripping people from energy, while making sure the politics lead to outrageous high prices - and conveniently blaming Putin on it.

It's like a spoiled child's game - and then blaming everyone else for it, instead of actually looking at the factor which drives today's politics. It is an agenda which is meat to drive humanity down the abyss, into poverty, health disasters and stripping over time people from everything they come to get accustomed to.

Oh, and it is absolutely smart - my ass - to have digital money, when the shit hits the fan, and the lights go out. Then what ?

Paying food with pant buttons ?


Real Blackouts - entirely different from local grid failures

I wonder how that works out for you with your digital wallets. Real blackouts are not like local blackouts. People do not understand that real blackouts, with a whole or half of a country being dark - lead to a multitude of serious problems; hardware gets destroyed up to 30% (such as routers), databases who drive a lot our societies, get corrupted. New hardware from Asia is hard to come by - and how are you going to get it in a blackout ? After a blackout, when not many things work - because you can't just switch the grid on - that is not how a big blackout really works (only local ones).

To recreate digital society with numerous hardware and software failures takes weeks, if not months to recover from. In the mean while, people will raid the super markets - so those are destroyed too (not being able to be used later). How are you going to get your food during and after 4-6 weeks of total chaos in society ? The state, your beloved western country, surely give a damn shit. But the realization doesn't occur until the shit hits the fan, and you stand there, gradually realizing, that whatever you have been told, ain't how reality really works.

Why is it so hard for people to understand ? Why are we so good in just ignoring most aspects of life ? Why are we ignoring the huge amounts of lies that are being committed now ? Why are we dismissing everything ? Are we to well fed ? Or we too spoiled ? Do we even care for real ? Or are we captured in a sense of fear ? What is it that keep the majority for people, to stay put and pretend that our state will safe our asses.

Why would our politicians, who are so removed from reality, save us ?

Daddy ain't coming. Sorry. They are too busy with their own egos, why would they want to support yours, after the lights go dark ? We surely are brain fucked.

The scenario reminds more of the time after the Second World war, when the really big Black out happen in our modern society, which all relies on digital solution for just everything. Because that is what we do today... everything is digital nowadays.

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