Scratch the glossy surface a little bit - Brave New World...

Funny isn't it. When you scratch the surface a little bit of the nice laws and digital rules and god knows what else - which all looks so smooth on paper. But in reality, especially when something goes wrong, and you have to make a claim - things go totally bezerk - and you pay the double bills - because no other fuck will take responsibility, whether the Swedish authorities, the Swedish Post office authority, the Seller, or Amazon. Ok, sometimes the seller will give you a little rebate for the trouble - but that usually ends up with that they then stop selling products to Sweden at UK or Germany Amazon.

So, who wins ? Nobody, except the big fuckups like Amazon and Tax authorities/post authorities (in the name of the State).

Make a local seller along a street suddenly tremendously more sympathetic - compared to those giant digital fuckup conglomerates, and states who do not care about citizens anyway, other than fucking you of more money, more taxes, more everything "just because you have to make right for yourself and pay taxes".


Tax for paying Wars

Which then goes to wars - which we now seem to love in Europe, while hating anything that has to do with peace. Instead, we lick boots to the US administration and Deep State, which is making war against Russia, and sacrificing Ukraine to the last man and woman, acting as a bulvan (proxy) in the longtime sinister plans of desiring to eradicate alt. cut down Russia into pieces (countries) - which always has been on the agenda.


But the real plan...

is the planned war against China (via a false flag, think Taiwan) a couple years later - once Russia is "weakened". That's the plan - always has been the plan - for a very long time. Can you imagine the already weakened EU without real industry and energy... and then getting cut off from China - from which almost all stuff comes from, after they cut off all from Russia. Germany only was the No1 of Export in the World, due to the cheap energy from Russia - even during the Cold War.

Now that's gone, do you think that you can have only electrical cars into the hundred million in the EU, powered with solar and wind energy ? Then you need a eletrical grip 20 times larger than we have today. It's going to be delightful interesting to see those energy bills. Or when you change your car batteries, for that matter.... Boy, we are beyond green stupid, it is sheer insanity and wishful thinking. It's not saving anything or anyone. Not the environment, nor reducing CO2, which anyway is the gas of life, growth and food. You are fighting a war AGAINST ALL LIFE.

It saves fucking nothing. But you'll pay 2000% higher prices. From what ? They will likely not take your pant-buttons as payment, that is for sure. Then what ? Blackout.


How stupid is stupid ?

We are.

Like 64 stupid gendered versions of Assholes
Following hidden masters orders,
though drumming voices, deceit and lies wrapped in colors
glossy green slogans, saving earth, saving ourselves
aving us - from ourselves
Like brain fucked sheep, we run down the hill,
running at full speed into the abyss of a digital safe heaven
Just another, and another booster is needed - then we are safe.
Just another war needed, and another one - to secure our 'peace'
Then we are finally, really safe again.

Safe in hell.


- 166 -