Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, is perhaps one of the most famous, knowledgeable microbiologists, most humble people you can find, explaining the mRNA genetic injections, also known under "Corona Vaccines" - what it does in the human body.


Explaining the Body's Immune System

Moreover - he first explains who the immune system works with help of simplified charts, making it rather easy to understand. And to understand why the mRNA injections are so lethal to many people. But then you also start to understand, why the whole mRNA technology is the most severe danger to humanity - because they want to make ALL vaccines based on mRNA technology.


The destruction of blood vessel walls in our bodies
with irreparable damages to the brain and heart

He shows you the tissue of diseased people, what happened in the brain and heart. This is what happens deep inside of both, in millions, potentially even billion of injected people. The principle is simply to understand, that you cannot have foreign artificial protein, believing that it will help you against infection. The immune system is trained in such a way, that it destroys any cells, which produce FOREIGN protein, such as those created by the mRNA and other Corona Vaccines - because those cells in your body, will get destroyed.

As this happens to the fine blood vessels in the brain - the brain cells then do not get oxygen - and die after 4 minutes. The creation of blood clots where favored in practically all vessels of the body, due to the creation of foreign, artificial spike proteins - thanks to the Corona Vaccines.

This is outermost serious - and if not understood by the broader public - it is a death sentence in the future for the largest part of humanity. If ignored - we will ultimately have to pay the price for the consequences.

In the basics it is actually pretty simple to understand why these "vaccines" are no vaccines, but a bio weapon in order to destroy humanity. You only need to understand the principle of simple, immunology, how the immune system works.

Dr Sucharit Bhakdi is explaining everything down below, in the 53 min video.


mRNA Vaccine Platform Technology

is in essence, without any doubt, nothing else than the initiation of self destruction of the human body. That is the consequence of the processes that are initiated thanks to the mRNA technology (including genetically modified vector based "vaccines"). It is also a life shortening technology. With every shot you are reducing your life expediency by a great factor.

As you start to create other mRNA based vaccines - the same self-destructing effects happen in the body, simply because they all will create foreign proteins, which your cells will create after it's work process having been hijacked by the mRNA artificial code, that is inducted into the cells.


Remember also

Corona Viruses are NOT killer viruses ! And never have been. Covid has a mortality rate equivalently and slightly below an influence; 0.05 %. The average age of Corona death cases lies around 80-84 years - which means at the very end of life expectancy. Children are never in danger - the mortality rate of Covid in Children is 0.0003%. Giving children Covid "vaccines" - means that many children are dying from the shots - who never were in danger from Covid in the first place !

The mortality rate in Children due to the injections, has risen by an abstract high factor - which is a total Crime against Humanity - what we allow to be done against our children.

A latest Swedish Study has shown that due to the injections, DNA in children have been altered / changed. The worst case scenario of tampering with children's DNA, is now being confirmed. Another study had earlier shown that the mRNA shots indeed manipulate human DNA in liver cells.

Why are we vaccinating against Corona Viruses, which have been around since humanity's dawn ? They were so insignificant, that we didn't even care to measure them, because other flu viruses were and are more harmful for weakened individuals than Corona Viruses.

And why is the establishment forbidding exactly all the medicine which are highly effective against flu and Corona Viruses ? Despite Ivermectin "horse dewormer" being a Nobel Prize graced medicine, which also is among the substantial medicines on the WHO list of essential medicines !

How can you suddenly forbid such medicine, which happens to be among the most effective medicines against respiratory diseases ?


Also to remember

There is no true regulation and controls in place regarding the Covid "Vaccines". Since the Corona Vaccines are in essence a US Department of Defense, DoD project, it does not need to obey any laws or rules, because it is set outside of normal regulation for vaccines. It also makes the FDA completely useless - because it by law - it can never conduct a pharmaceutical investigation upon the Corona Vaccines.

But this also mans, the FDA pretended to have tested the Corona Vaccines for safety - and therefore was lying by playing a charade towards the public. Due to the Department of Defense Corona Vaccine Project "Warm Peed", the FDA has by law no saying what so ever.

So, why was the FDA saying the "vaccines" where safe ? They had no mandate to do or say anything regarding the safety of the vaccines ?

Due to the nature of the US Department of Defense project "Warp Speed", controlling the creation of Corona Vaccines without the need to safety studies - it also controls the international whereabout of authorities - which means, no authority was allowed to test the vaccines, if they fulfilled the stringent requirements of vaccines !

Now you know why for example the German Authority for Health, never conducted any tests of what the vials really contained. All information about "safety" has simply been taken over by the word of Pfizer and Moderna that #the vaccines are safe".


Pfizer Trial Study: 1200 people (3%) out of 40.000 died !

Also worth to remember is, that it has come to the fore that 3% during the so called Pfizer study, died. It means that 1200 people died from the experimental, genetic "vaccines" during the trial out of 40000 people. The mortality rate for Covid is a mere 0.05 to 0.1%. The mortally rate for a severe influence is 0.15%


Genocide is the true name of this game.

That so many people died during the Pfizer Trial was never revealed to the public when the genetic injections were introduced to the public globally. We used to disable all vaccination campeigns when more than 25-50 people died.

Now, we are at a level, where 20+ Million people died globally because of the Covid Injections. 65 Million people got their lives destroyed to to severe, crippling unrecoverable injures = 85 Million people

They simply told us "The Vaccines are safe, prevent infections, prevent transfection / the spread to toher people, and keeps you from getting sick".

In all instances and accounts - they lied. Bluntly.


New bivalent Pfizer & Moderna Injections

Have not been tested at all - other than on 8 mice. That's it. Nothing else what so ever. There is no safety data, no cancer stydies, no nothing. Welcome to the New Brave World of Medicine.

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