Given that images made with lenses from the 70s, such as the Mamiya C330 camera system and it's lenses - it is fascinating how much sharpness you actually can get out of it in the digital age - and with help of (additionally) Topaz software, which deals with tings like noise and sharpness.

Ultimately the photo of Olof T. above, shows you every single hair of his eye lashes - which I think is fantastic. I mean it is an analog color negative coming from 1994, and now in 2022 - there is this lifelike appearance of Olof almost as if taken with a digital camera.


"Blue Wind" • Aoi Kaze

the Japanese coined the term "blue wind" (aoi kaze) to describe a particular state of mind, between a certain sadness and nostalgia.

It leaves such a strange shadow behind, seeing Olof so alive today in photos i made of him almost 30 years ago - knowing that he is not among us anymore. No matter what negative strings we had attached to one another in the past - it does not truly matter - because if something matters is - that it is not fair, that he left so early. Especially not, if it is true (which I don't know) that he died from the Covid mRNA injections. This makes it even more "windy blue", more awkward...


He was a good soul !

I am convinced that Olof, despite our differences and strange attachments in the past - was a good soul, who tried to find his way through this life. I am 100% sure of that - and would even say that now, if he would still be live, and we would meet.

He had a special character - and when i dive into the "bubble of memories", I can literally see, sense and hear the way he used to be. The sound of his voice, the sense of his special humor... And there was hidden strength, too. It didn't always come to the fore, but it was there. He even would take a fight, bitching to one another, but remain present "on line" - and THEN we could talk - after the buzz and anger dissipated. I mean, really talk, leaving the affects behind, establishing a more real connection (at least this is what occurred back in 2007 when we met)

Not many people do that anymore, these days. It's as if most of us today, just cut off ties, as soon something feels too unpleasant. I also see that tendency in myself, unfortunately.


Ulf died recently, too

The other day i stumbled across another death of a guy, I once knew a little bit, and met occasionally in the distant past (and I have a few images of him). He died in Dec 2021 at the age of 70. But what makes me skeptical was, that Ulf was a very vital, very good looking guy, even at the age of 70. I saw pictures of him where he was around 65 - and still looked stunning; his typical vital self. Not the kind of guy who suddenly dies out of the blue.

I suspect he too took the injections, and died from the consequences they create havoc in the body - where you easily can die from all kinds of diseases - since the immune system gets so compromised, that the spectrum of illnesses are very broad. And people do not even think of drawing parallels between the injection and the illness / death that follow half year or a year later.

Of course at the age of 70 you can die of other reasons. But if things go normal - Ulf was really a vital, youthful looking guy (!) - you do not just die out of nowhere suddenly. But it seems to be so common these days that both young as well older people die, out of the blue. And I still do not understand, how we can be so ignorant about all this.

Did he die of Parkinson ? (I do not know) Did the jabs accelerate it ? Most likely. As this is something often observed in older people, that present diseases; either healed from such as cancer, or present ones, suddenly get accelerated in a sort of turbo mode and people die very quickly after the experimental genetic injections...

It is not the messengers who are the enemies ! Why is that so hard to understand ? Why are we "killing" (silencing) the messengers ? Since when has that become so popular and gone mainstream ?



Good bye, ol' friend. Have a safe journey.

- 171 -