Extreme disturbing details in the 2nd interview

On this page I want to show another interview with Sasha Latipova, in which she gives you deep insight to the - frankly spoken - radically sinister order and structures working in the background - of who controls the whole Covid Vaccine project - and how sloppy the companies are who make the "vaccines" ignoring all standards and requirements.


Very important KEY VIDEO !
(1 hour 14 min)


Crime against Humanity by design:
controlled by the US Department of Defense

The FDA had/has nothing to say in the Covid vaccine matters - which means they played the whole world with deliberate lies - by claiming the vaccines have been tested. They have not been tested - at all. Just fraudulent data has been delivered.

The FDA has no mandates to test anything, when the US military is in charge of "Warp Speed", aka. the all Corona Vaccines for the US market as well the distribution in the World.

And there is a reason for this - that in fact no true trials have been done ! (Just image this). And they don't need to be done - because once it is controlled by the US Department of Defense - they are by law protected - and do NOT need to quality the vaccines at all, not certify, no testing - nothing. Even pharmaceutical investigations are not done "if anything shoes to be wrong" - and denied by design with help of the US Law.

The Vials are not allowed to be tested anywhere in the world by other countries health authorities, due to the US Military nature of controlling the Covid Vaccines. Therefore EU for example has signed off the 1000 pages they got via Big Pharma, without even really looking into the content. After 1 day only - signing them off. That was and became the "Quality Seal" by the EU authorities for the Covid Vaccines - to be administered to the hundreds of millions.


Lies, Lies and more damn lies

"The Vaccines are OK, have gone though rigorous testing, are safe, protect, prevent spread, and prevent disease". Those were the words we all heard AT FIRST (but they changed them several times later in all kinds of formations). And still advertise those shots ferociously to people to continue to get new lethal injections... Like a Russian Roulette, you actually play literally a Gamble with Death. Fear and Ignorance are your darkest Allies in this Cynical Game against Humanity.

But not true testing has been done. Nothing. At best a few vials have been looked at with the naked eye, to see if the solution in the vials were clear - and that was it. THOSE were the "tests" performed by our EU authorities. Nothing else - just a brief, visual look.

Signed off by the US DoD for the rest of the world, turned into that all other authorities around the world, took the words for guaranteed, and signed off too. The vaccines are safe.

But 20 Million people are dead. And 65 Million people are so gravely injured, crippled for life, which they never get back. That's 85 million people - and counting.


How many lives does it take to call it a Genocide ?

Ain't 85 Million people enough already ? (The total number of all damages from Covid Vaccines are 165+ Million people). Aren't those numbers only World Wars can accomplish ? And it is still not enough - and you are willing to burn books and people, them to shut the fuck up - just so that you have some peace in your mind, put your feet up after work. Is that it ?


The Sweetness of Doing Nothing

Is it a modern version of welfare á lá "Dolce far niente; why would I care?"; the Sweetness of Doing nothing, and why would I bother. In the name of Fascism and Genocide.

How quaint.

What's next ? Forced Vaccine Concentration Camps ? And what would You call it then ?



See no evil - hear no evil

I do not understand, how these serious occurrences can be ignored by the public, by people like you and I and others around us. How is this even possible, to even think to ignore, and then factual literally ignoring as if it doesn't even exist. And on top shaming those who try to speak up.

Maybe it is my turn now to say - HOW DARE YOU !?

The media, all kind of media these days, are filled with reports of "SADS", Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. Talk about cynical to call them "SADS". In Alberta, Canada, but also Ottawa and another place in Canada - it is now the NO 1 killer among the population (How abstract isn't that ?!) While 'doctors' and 'scientists' claim "they can't understand why". Nor can the mainstream media... Well they are paid to write shit instead of doing their job, and SCRUTINIZING EVERY INCH of what is going on.

We hear almost nothing of that. See nothing. Heart nothing. Speak nothing. The biggest Crimes against Humanity committed during peace times.





Sasha Latipova

Also see/listen to Sasha Latipova with her 25 years experience from Big Pharma - where she in the first video interview at the Corona Investigative Committee, Berlin - on page 161 - reveals that Covid Vaccines are not even pharmaceutical products

Plus; for the first time we got to understand WHY many people died after the Corona injections - and others did not.

The Covid Injections - all of them - ARE BY TOXIC BY DESIGN - no exception.

The reasons that people vs die, has to do with the process how the injection contents are made - never containing according the ingredients, purity and content of what they should contain. Even the manufacturers own guidelines, standards and rules (they tout to the public have been fulfilled), are in reality not met at all.

Each vial shows different active ingredients - sometimes nothing, sometimes a little, and directly lethal dosages exceeding up to 76 times the the nominal declared content of mRNA, it was supposed to contain.

Sasha Latipova if any one - knows. Given shat she worked 25 years in the Big Pharma Industry.

So, go to my page 161 to get to know the first details, via the Corona Investigative Committee interview with Sasha Latipova.

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