The past days weather has been fascinating, from a Stockholm perspective. Yesterday it rose to 14°C early morning 06:00 - and continued to 15.2°C in my area (Snösätra) while mainly overcast, only to sink ever so slightly during the night to 14°C during partially clear sky. Now that the first light is showing up early morning at 06:30, we have 13.5°C in temperature.


Magic Morning

Seeing the rising light, the sun has not gone up yet - shows a strange beautiful, almost mystic atmosphere: clear sky, 13.5°C and a warm tint in the otherwise pale blue sky. Combined with the extremely mild morning - it is literally magical. It requires a kind of presence in order to appreciate this moment. I mean, it is mid November. Normally you have frost temperatures early morning this time of the year.

I also do not understand why people would want to work towards ice cold times - because that one is the true killer (usually killing more people than heat does).


This morning at 06:00

Catania in Sicily and Stockholm City report the same temperature: +14°C. Berga at the coast to the east, not that far away from my place, is reporting 14.7°C. And Kuggören outside of Hudiksvall at the east coast, 300 km north of Stockholm - is at this moment reporting Sweden's highest temperature with 15.3°C. Gävle is reporting 15.0°C. and it's temperatures during the past 24 hours have barely moved: between 13.4 and 15.2°C.

These are truly fascinating high morning temperatures before sunrise.

Temperatures on 11 Nov 2022 • 23:30

Here below you can see the temperatures in Europe, 11 Nov 2022 at 23:30 UTC.

The warmest airmass

is now located over Southern Sweden (at 850 hPa level or 1.5 km height), quickly moving to the east. As a cold front is passing our city - the temperature will still remain high, because the atmosphere is well mixed through those high winds. for today, it is predicted to climb to 14°C. and almost sunny weather.

The chart below shows temperatures at 1.5 km height, the so called hPa 850 level.

But from here on...

the weather models give a prognosis of weather patterns, where the temperatures turn more normal for Stockholm in November; between 0°C to 5°C.

Well, we shall see, if that turn out to be true...

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