It is kind of funny, that I forget the absolutely excellent Sigma ART 105 mm f 1.4 lens - which is optically stellar as much as you can wish for. And certainly for a much lower price than the new, 32.400 SEK ridiculous expensive Canon RF 135/1.8 L IS lens.

The Sigma ART 105mm lens is a bit wider than the 135mm focal length. Playing in the space between 85mm and 135mm so to speak. And boy, is simply stunning in terms of optical quality. Sure, you have to use an EF to RF adapter (which i really don't mind at all) It is also a very chubby, large and heavy lens with a diameter of something like 10.5 cm at the front, and 1.6 kilo in weight...

Yet, it actually is manageable - and simply superb. Even wide open at ƒ1.4


Funny, that I forgot about that lens...

For it it replaces both the expensive RF 85/1.2 L and the RF 135/1.8 L IS, because it located right between both lenses. If you would by those two Canon lenses in Sweden today, it would cost a whopping 70.000 SEK. I mean... what the fuck is "normal" about that in year 2022. Absolutely nothing. It is actually unsexy and off-putting, despite the high quality of those two Canon lenses. But 70 Squid.... what the fuck ?! I'd say.

The Sigma 105/1.4 goes for around 16.500 SEK today (unless they raised the prices, i would have to check). I bought it for 14700 SEK back in 2017, I believe (and already paid off). I bought it as soon it came out - because I knew that this was a splendid Canon 85L killer. And because it plays right at the optically high level of the new RF 85/1.2 L lens. Both are top notch lenses - but the latter one from Canon costs now 38000 SEK.


Sal after a shower

I just took a few shots in the bathroom when Sal just had finished showering. He didn't like it at first - as if he had forgotten that I used to make photos of him, and usually in strong favor of his looks. He is a good looking man, and it is a delight to get the right angles photographically, to make his masculine beauty shine. I love his arms, which together with the hair on it, look so lickable, masculine sexy !!! His legs too ! So yummy to look at... I mean if you are into masculinity, Sal is a guy who has it !

But why did he forget about that ? I used to do really good photography on him ? Why the distance all of the sudden ? He used to have better confidence in me / and himself ?

Silly Billy husband. Time for an update, duuuude !

The only guy I remember who had beautiful body hair, was Daniel. His body hair was placed in such a beautiful way, like masculine patterns. Very pretty to look at, both on his chest, arms and legs.


Anyway, a few shots only today

of Sal drying himself after the shower, a bit stressed on his way out for work. Taken with the very bright Sigma ART 105mm f 1.4 lens shown above, at wide open aperture ƒ1.4 - and the light telephoto (compressing) effect you get from a 105mm lens vs 135mm are pretty similar to one another.

Personallye, I still see the Sigma 105mm as an extension of a 85 mm portrait lens, though - and less of a 135mm lens. For the latter, well I use the older Canon EF 135/2 L lens, which goes great length whatever you throw at it. No problems what so ever.

What is there not to like.

Case closed.

- 175-