Here is another example of the Sigma 105/1.4 ART lens - it gives when doing portraits "on-the-fly". I mean, what is there not to like. You get the background bokeh that of a ƒ 1.0 or ƒ1.2 lens due to the slightly longer focal length (105 mm instead of 85 mm).

It really does miss anything - and where the sharpness lies in focus - it is simply razor sharp down to the finest micro details. Not that this is always desirable when it comes to portraits. But this is what you get, if that is what makes you tick - you get it with the Sigma 105/1.4 ART lens.

One of the reasons Sigma made the 105mm with such an extreme large front lens (105 mm filter diameter) is that the shading effect is rather limited. You don't get such dark corners, because they made the lens so big at the front. Well, and the bokeh is just.... yummy beautiful. So, it really does work at the same, very high located optical level like the Canon RF 185/1.2 L and the RF 135/1.8 L IS lenses.

We will not see any RF version of Sigma lenses - because Canon doesn't allow it. Let's suck out everything we can from Canon suckers for double prices. That's how things work today. When more or double the price, simply isn't enough.

Sad to say. What does that tell us about your Signs of Times we live in ? It's now everywhere visible, in plain sight. With a few exceptions, though.

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