Almost all of us, usually use, watch or look at digital weather "information" - in our mobiles, the iPhone , on the Internet, on displays like TV and tickers, and popular Internet sites like the very cool - even on my Metro "driver controller" (a mobile phone, a kind of helper tool for driving the subway correctly in time at every single station) - is a display of the Stockholm temperature shown...


Did it ever occur to you

that in most instances - the information of the temperatures are not real measured, observed temperatures - but just digital models predicting the "accurate" temperature for the moment ? Yes, you are to believed that what you see, is the reflected world - but in reality are just predicted models.

Occasionally, it gets really wrong...

So, why is that - that we are out to believe these things, sort of lulling us into a sort of wanna be world, which makes us believe that it is the real world. But when you test it - it ain't real. OK, sometimes it does show correct temperature - but it is still not based on real actual observed temperatures.


The hidden risk of this

It may be trivial and innocent - but as we more and more believe everything our digital displays tells us to believe - we sheer off in our perception of the real world - because we are so convinced that, what we read - is equivalent the truth / real. Especially over time, when we get used to this kind of "fake" representation of our world, gotten so used to it, that we literally forget... it is just a projection we get to see, not the real thing. But hey - it looks colorful, fancy and "real", - so it must be real, right.



Visiting the super cool site

They got all the whistles and bells. All animated and so über cool. You get used to it. You get addicted. Because it is so easy.

As I looked at just minutes ago, 17 Nov 2022 around 01.50 - i followed since yesterday a phenomena which plays out at the West Norwegian Coast. The winds come from the Southwest, the inland of Sweden, are pretty cold - are forced above the high mountains of Norway, and fall down on the other side towards the coast as warm Föhn winds, generating temperature MAX up to 17°C. And they are still between 10-12°C. after midnight ! But represented with values low as -1°C.


Fake Digital vs Real Observed temperatures

Now look how windy represents the actual temperatures:

Ørsta -1°C, Trondheim 2°C, Bergen 3°C.

In reality the temperatures observed were:
Ørsta 11°C, Trondheim 9°C, Bergen 8°C.

I am sure the Föhn wind situation outside the west coast of Norway threw off the digital model - but still - a whopping 12°C wrong temperatures is just absolutely stupid and wrong. I mean, what the fuck, seriously wrong.

In inner North Sweden, it gets wrong, too. Storsele is shown as -8°C, but in reality is -16°C right now.

In Stockholm, the difference wasn't as large - but still incorrect. showed a temperature of 3°C for Stockholm. In reality it was only 1.6°C in the city core of Stockholm, and down to 0°C near by. Notice that the real observation chart was made at 00Z / UTC, which means 01.00 local time - so there is a difference of 50 minutes, between digital projection and real observed temperatures, which can but does not have to, lead to 1-2°C dependent on where the location is, and how cloudy it is or not.

IPCC • "Garbage in - Garbage Out models"

If you want get things right - you have to make OBSERVATIONS and do it BASED ON OBSERVATIONS - not models. The IPCC does the same thing with our "future climate". They project future climate according to models they use - and in fact love to publish the most dramatic of them all: The RCP 8.5 model. Where everything in their illustration turns deep red, because of "Global Warming", and "Climate Change".

It's disguising to brainwash people like that. It is also deeply disrespectful to life, to human societies and real observational science.


IPCC's RCP 8.5 model predicting future climate

It is the Super Diva Queen of models, the more red it gets, the better, the more panic. This way - it creates a sense of legitimacy. Giving stupid as well paid politicians the "correct tools", to cash societies, strip people from all freedoms with a UN Agenda 2030.

"You will own nothing and be happy".

The IPCC should reverse the RCP 8.5 into PCR-8.5 and call it the PCR model - as fraudulent as the PCR itself having been and is used for covid. As the PCR can't either show virus nor determine Covid, because it is a lab tool, never to be used for diagnostics. If you read the inscription for the PCR test, you would know. It used fraudulently as diagnostic tool - so when hospitals, doctors and authorities use PCR test to determine a person to be infectious - it is a blatant lie. Especially when the test is done with high cycles - guaranteed "positive" - and wrong up to 97%. The PCR test can never determine that. It was never made to be used like that.

Nor can the RCP 8.5 climate model, predict the future climate correctly - because it is just a model. An extreme model. And speaking about model vs observation:


Which one got it right when tested ?

It shows that all climate models in the test below failed. Observations got it correct. It is Fake vs real world. And this is the reason I wrote this: that we are gradually, slowly adapting to a fake world, based on digital projections - instead of getting real observation (without tampering) as fundament. When we look onto our apps, and reading off the temperatures - thinking - that's the real thing. We get so easily use to it - as if what we see there is real.

It is not.

It's digital trolling. And Nudging.



The Establishment's Predictions

Weather centers do not get the weather right beyond day 4 to 5 - but hey, we are totally sure how the climate will turn out in 100 years.

So, go and fear and burn.

Let's starve our teens of minerals and vitamins - because meat is so bad for you. And over time, their brains gets unstable from the lack of vital nutrients and fatigue and all that fear on top. Everyone turns into Greta TM Panic Mode, proclaiming that the World will end tomorrow. While at the same time, Fridays for Future and other fake "grassroots movements" get paid by NGO's - are nothing else than bought "grassroots movements", so called Astroturf 'Grassroots' movements. To keep up the false narratives regarding our future climate, in order to nudge and provoke the population into a planned, desired direction. That is how things work today.

Greta isn't Greta. It's a carefully buildup Trademark with a special purpose. Do you really think that a slightly autistic teenager just marches straight into the UN by calling everyone "How dare you" ?!

Nobody gets to do that - unless it is desired, to be done.

So, when you believe everything a model prediction says how the world will look like, that would be like claiming this: That you are sure how the stock market will look like in 50 or 100 years.

How did that ever work out ?



Garbage in - Garbage Out

When the models are wrong - the results you get out of it, get things really wrong. That's why it is called "Garbage in - Garbage out". And worst of all - the media as well IPCC themselves - which are NOT meteorological and climate scientists - but the bureaucratic translation. IN other words, the IPCC people are hired to write text to the politicians and authorities - what to believe.


Climate Change always has been Climate that changed

And so we got the "Climate Change" Hysteria, which originally was called "Global Warming". But when the Warming ebbed out and stayed at the same level for the last 15 years, they had to come up with a new name. So, it is called "Climate Change".

Which the Climate always does - whether it is 100 Million years ago, 1 million years ago, 100.000 years ago, or in the next 1000 years. That is what climate does - it changes ! To call it "Climate Change" is nefarious in my opinion. A highly illusive name for something, the earth climate always has done - only now it is used to put people in panic mode. Especially in the West - the more the merrier.


Keen Observer

I have always been very observant and keen when it comes to weather and temperature observations - all my life, I realize - and I have written lots about it in my Diary. Albeit before 2014, i was increasingly captured by "extremes", and therefore I also believed the Climate Change narrative. My focus in writing about the weather - a special interest - has always been about temperature which divert a lot from "normal". Because that way, i felt excited - and it was more fun to write about it. But at the same time, it sort of snuck me into the Global Warming agenda narrative... without I ever reflected upon what that narrative and claim really was based on. Until I did start to dig deeper - gradually realized, that it ain't so simple at all. And when you start digging into past climate - it slowly hits you, how deeply deceptive everything has gotten... We are rather in a coolish phase right now.


10.000 years of past climate

We are living in the cooler part of the past 9000 years of our climate, since we exited the severe consequences from the Catastrophic Younger Dryas with the Cosmic Cometary Bombardment which resulted into us being thrown back 12900 years ago into a deep Ice Age for around 1000 years, but then came out of that ice age around 11900 years ago - through another globally catastrophic event - which warmed earth fast, resulting into high temperatures during the following thousands of years.

The cosmic bombardment events would repeat several times and wreck havoc, until as recently like 680 years ago during the Black Death, around 1338-1356 - but also other times in the past 8000 years numerous times (in intervals): like the Chinese observations stated; rain of dragons falling from the sky - devouring everything in it's path; including mountains, man and animals. Or the "yellow fog" which killed everything in its path over England and Mediterranean Sea - nothing ever comes out of it. Or single larger cities, who out of nowhere from the sky, got burned down to the ground and everybody in it - and nobody left (which did not happen because of war). Sometimes just a single city got wiped out with 350.000 inhabitants, for example near what is today South Turkey, near Lebanon.


Oh, but that was long time ago... right ?

We orient ourselves at the major event which killed the Dinosaurs many millions years ago - but fail to understand that only 680 years ago, cataclysmic events wrecked havoc around the world, especially in Europe, decimating the population by a high degree together with high strangeness. We blame it to the Black Death - but see not, the cosmic consequences had on earth... The Black Death didn't move like a fast wave across Europe with help of rats. Larger areas where completely spared from the Black Death, as if it "jumped over". The pestilence bacterium can not thrive nor survive outside temperatures below +4C and above 26°C. So, how could it kill people in Norway and Sweden, in the deep of Winter ? Or Iceland for that matter who didn't have any rats before many hundred years later ?

There is so much strangeness and bogus about our official history, that I don't even know where to begin. But it is nevertheless, very interesting to make the long journey of discovering the many aspects of events in our history, which do not align very well with the official narrative.


Reminds me of the "Spanish Flu" Narrative

Instead we write history, and translate it into moderns times, by distorting and trivializing it. Reminds me of the "Spanish Flu" - which is attributed to a virus. But in reality, people died from the wild west vaccine poisoning together with famine and weak immune systems caused by the First World War - resulting into that millions died of pneumatic , bacterial infections.

Greece had not a single death from the "Spanish Flu" - because the country was too poor to buy in the Rockefeller Experimental Vaccines. And nobody died in Greece.

In many countries, people also were forced to wear masks - which made the whole thing even worse. Masks make sure that your moist mouth is filled with an onset of bacteria growth, penetrating your lungs.


History repeats itself
(Do we ever learn ?)

Same shit they played on us during Covid - despite the medical establishment ALWAYS HAD KNOWN for MANY DECADES that MASKS DO NOT HELP AGAINST VIRAL PARTICLES - EVER.

Then all of the sudden - every fuck wore a mask, because Momma and Daddy Gov told you so, and "it's good for you". But never reflecting upon that masks do exactly the opposite; they creates disease in our lungs penetrating much deeper, makes bacteria grow, not to mention the environmental disaster of billion of mask being thrown into the world, sea, and lands. And the way masks are handled in real life - is that you place it anywhere, which gathers huge amounts of fungus and bacteria in it - and then you wear it around your mouth.

How smart is that. Not to mention the decreased amount of Oxygen to your brain - especially dangerous for children and teenagers - creating a long array of illnesses and damages in the lungs. The younger the child, the worse it gets (so called CO2 acidification of the blood, which has a whole set of serious problems for a child with small lungs. Parents and authorities who force small children to wear masks, should go to prison as a reminder of how devastating masks are for children's health !

8000 years ago

The tree line in Sweden was located 700 meter higher than it is located today ! That means, it was so warm (2-3°C warmer than today) that the tree line spread to a higher altitude due to those temperatures.


To start a war against CO2
is a war against Life itself

Don't even get me started, how good CO2 is for the planet. The higher CO2 in the atmosphere, the less water plats need, the more resistant they get against diseases and droughts, and the greener the planets turns, the higher harvests you get.

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