Very interesting and simple: something that needed to be said and outlined.
Kudos Melina Richards !


Also worth to remember regarding "masks":

Regarding "masks"

it is important to remember, that those are trap and favor the immense growth of fungus, bacteria and chemical-physical particles harmful for people's health - which together with the moisture from our breaths - create a perfect playground for germs, altogether getting transported deeply into the lungs.

This is a absolute no-go, in terms of medicine and heath. Children suffer from severe CO2 poisoning in their lung tissue. (In Germany, it was found that it exceeds more than 6x the lawfully permitted level of CO2 for children).

FFP2 masks are - if you check the manual on the package - not permitted according the law, to be used more than 30 minutes, due to the risk of low oxygen levels, affecting the judgment (because it affects the brain in a negative way) Also; by law, a person needs to get instructed on how to use a FFP2 mask.

But all that knowledge - was cast out, like the baby with the bathwater. Then it is called "Follow the science".

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